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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) dir. David Lynch


I found this really cool Twin Peaks short film about young Leland Palmer meeting Bob for the first time and wanted to share it in case anyone else is interested in seeing it.

You know, with all the discourse I see around Leland Palmer’s character within the general fandom, I find it odd that everyone seems to be collectively ignoring his role in the finale.

All the discussions I’ve seen focus on Cooper and place the blame for what happens/doesn’t happen in the finale squarely on his desire to save Laura. And while it’s true that Cooper’s hero complex is what leads to his personal downfall, the world seems to be forgetting that the reason Cooper is trying so hard to save Laura in the first place is because Leland begs him to. Bob’s parting gift to Leland was leaving him with the memory of what he had done to Laura, and whatever is left of Leland’s soul in the Red Room at this point wants nothing more than to save his daughter and take it all back. But he can’t take it back; she is dead because he raped and killed her, and no amount of interdimensional futzing around from him or Cooper will ever change that.

The most common interpretation of the finale in general and the finale as seen through Cooper’s storyline is “you can’t change the past.” When we apply it to Leland, this message becomes “an abuser cannot take back what they’ve done no matter how badly they want to.” And I think this is an important message to consider especially since there’s been some controversy and discourse in the past about Leland’s storyline, with some fans feeling that he had been absolved too much of his personal responsibility for what happened. IMO the finale negates any absolution that could have been interpreted earlier, and places personal responsibility back on him. Cooper may have been the person who carried out the task, but Leland’s tragic futile desire to undo what he did to his daughter is what ultimately leads to the downfall of their world.


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ben horne so epitomizes everything about industrialized growth society, capitalism, the prison industrial complex, colonial violence, and so much of the fandom completely misses that those things are what killed laura palmer just as much as BOB. because BOB is the metaphysical manifestation of those things. Leland was ben’s attorney and was the person that made ben’s atrocities in twin peaks possible.

people say ben horne was set up as a red herring but it’s really not that inaccurate to say ben horne did, in fact, kill laura palmer, because laura palmer’s death is inextricably linked to the evils of capitalism and colonial violence that ben horne represents

and this is what bobby was trying to say at her funeral but lacked the vocabulary to do so