leland palmer


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992) dir. David Lynch

ben horne so epitomizes everything about industrialized growth society, capitalism, the prison industrial complex, colonial violence, and so much of the fandom completely misses that those things are what killed laura palmer just as much as BOB. because BOB is the metaphysical manifestation of those things. Leland was ben’s attorney and was the person that made ben’s atrocities in twin peaks possible.

people say ben horne was set up as a red herring but it’s really not that inaccurate to say ben horne did, in fact, kill laura palmer, because laura palmer’s death is inextricably linked to the evils of capitalism and colonial violence that ben horne represents

and this is what bobby was trying to say at her funeral but lacked the vocabulary to do so

there is also a legend of a place called the black lodge. the shadow self of the white lodge. the legend says, that every spirit must past through there on a way to perfection. there, you will meet your own shadow self. but it is said, if you confront the black lodge with imperfect courage, it will utterly annihilate your soul.


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“Well, this week, Heaven includes arson, multiple homicides, and an attempt on the life of a federal agent.”

Laura’s Secret Diary, Twin Peaks 2x04


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