Ski Lodge 2

I feel like 99% of Lucaya shippers are all bummed out for the next episode but I’m here honestly okay with everything?? Like, I’ve always shipped joshaya but then GMT2 happened and my lucaya feels went full blast. Plus Uriah got into that accident and we haven’t seen him in so long that I almost considered joshaya dead. BUT I WAS WRONG AND THANK GOD FOR THAT. I mean as long as Maya and Riley end up happy in the end it’s fine by me.

drdapper13  asked:

You: *existing* Me: You are the songs that angels sing in human form.

Ah shucks man that’s nice of you thank you :>

But all I can think of is angels using trumpets and going *toot* instead of singing lel :v

so there’s this second shift server who sometimes stays to third and my dipshit coworker Chris thinks the server is gay (of course he doesn’t know for sure but lel xd) and personally i find him annoying due to work reasons but like Chris hates him because he’s a “flamer” and today they have an altercation and Chris starts screaming at him calling him “faggot” and “fucking faggot” and long story short i’m going back to work later to complain to the gm