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hey i think ur graphics are really pretty and fav and jas really really pretty! also are dey easy to make dem and how long do u usually take for each set? -aspiring gfx maker anon :))

uhm tbh,like really honest,it’s not easy.T^T coz just thinking of a concept is hard enough and usually like i somehow take an hour (at most,like i wish i was exaggerating but no /sobs) to just think of what to do.but sometimes if i already have a thing in mind thinking of the concept that would go well with the photos gets easier.the hardest and longest part (i hope you believe me when i say i usually could take 1-2 &½ (sometimes 3)  hours doing a set of 6,emphasize on 6) is actually removing the bg from each member so that you’ll have a smooth png image that you can easily drag on new textures and add some more png images to enhance the edit.that’s the most tiring part of it all .and then the most annoying part would be choosing what texture/background you’ll use for the edits. when you have a concept it’s easy but if you’re just gonna drag images here and there,it’s exhausting.and believe me when i say having a large stock of bg images does not help coz you’d want to use them all.heh~ anw,there are actually no rules when making graphics and things and you have all the freedom to do a lot of things,whatever you want to see on your dun have to be so technical with everything,you just have to enjoy and eventually get the hang of it. dun mind what i’ve said above,i just really want to make myself suffer by overthinking things. lel~ and like i dun have a lot of inspiration lately so i’m not making a lot of edits and i really just have no time coz i’m busy at work,and like as i’ve said you just have to enjoy making graphics,have no boundaries :)

(TIP: 1) if you’re dealing with a white/light bg,i suggest you duplicate your layers 3-4 times making it darker for each layer or you can use multiply (blending change) with all of the layers so that you’ll have dark layers above you main layer making it easier to work with so you can get a much better clipping/cutting. 2) once you’ve cut your bg off,you can duplicate the layer (the png image),set it to soft light [you can play with the opacity to whichever you prefer] and then merge both your layers so you can get a much more vibrant image,or use multiply instead and adjust the opacity so you’ll get a layer that’ll be easy to work with when you use psds especially the light ones. 3) you can actually use gif sharpening action on images to give your png image more life,just convert your layer into smart object and use an action )


and last but most def not leat, sock opera!! i kept it short so my life wouldn’t be consumed by it, my guess is that stan tries to get carla’s attention by forming a band or something instead of helping ford with the password -this means that the outfits should be way cooler, but! as i said, i had to be Strong. the first one is one of my favs from all my relativities!