Content Warnings: faked suicide / suicide, ableist language, faking being trans, misgendering but not really? [see previous warning]*, abusive and manipulative people, surgery implied/mentions, hospitals, blood implied, unsanitary fetishes, and general drama and call outs.

*Correction: Not actually faking being transgender apparently. The confusion came from multiple types of required pronouns by the person in question, which led to dogpiling from some who experienced abuse from the person. My sincerest apologies, I went with the accusations in good faith as the other persons witnessed the full posts before most of them were deleted. –Maude

If you are un//.der.//ta/./lekin or in the un.//d././ert//.ale fandom this may be relevant to you as it’s regarding someone kin with an u/./nd/,/ert//ale character.

To be clear and less vague if you’re worried if this is about you, it’s not. This has nothing to do with anyone following this blog, submissions here, or submitters to this blog. It does have to do with a potentially harmful person who is in the fic//tio//nkin community.

Lastly, sorry for the weird slashes and periods in some words, I just don’t want it in the tags in case the person tracks them. This may be relevant for @undertalekinfessions as well? I’m not familiar with many un/,de,/rta//le blogs, sorry!

Sticking this behind a read more because it’s nothing to do with confessions but I thought I should reply to anon and such.

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Urdu translation: Wo tumhe aisi dekhthi hai jaise ki tum ek suraj ho, lekin use kya pata ke tum sirf ek guzartahua andhera ho uski zindagi me. #urdu #urdupoetry #urdushayari #urdulines #urduquotes #urdupoetrylovers #urduposts #poetry #writing #writinglife #writinginspiration #writingofinstagram #writings #writingcommunity

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Kabhi kabhi jab mein baith jaata hoon apni nazmoon ke samne, nifsdayre mein, mizaaz poochoon ki ek shayar ke saath katti hai kis tarah se, woh ghoor ke dekhti hain mujhko… Sawaal karti hain, unse mein hoon ya mujhse hain wo…? Woh saari nazmein ki mein samajhta hoon meri jeen se hain, lekin, wo yoon samajhti hain ki unse hai mera naak naksha, ye shakl unse mili hai mujhko… Mizaaz poochoon mein kya, ek nazm aage aati hai, choo ke peshani poochti hai, “batao agar inteshaar hai koi soch mein to… Mein paas baithoon, madad karoon aur been doon uljhanein tumhari…” Udaas lagte ho, ye kehti hai paas aa kar….“. Jo keh nahi sakte tum kisi ko to mere kanon mein daal do raz apni sargoshiyon ke… lekin agar ek sunega to sab sunenge…”. Bhadak ke kehti hai ek naraaz nazm mujhse, “Mein kab tak apne gale mein loongi tumhari awaaaz ki kharashein..? Ek aur choti si nazm kehti hai, "Pehle bhi keh chuki hoon shayar, chadhan chadhte agar teri saans phool jaaye to mere kandhon par rakh de kuch bojh, mein utha loon…Woh chup si ek nazm, peeche baithi, jo tik ti ki baandhe dekhte rehti hai mujhe bas… Na jaane kya hai ki uski aankhon ka rang tum par chala gaya hai… Alag alag hain mizaaz sabke, magar kahin na kahin ye sare mizaaz mujhmein base hue hain… Mein unse hoon ya… Haan mujhe ye ehsaas ho raha hai, jab unko takhleekh de raha tha, wo mujhko takhleekh de rahi theen…
—  Gulzar