lek writes

Alright! I got a teeny bit of writing done on @robinasnyder ‘s prompt from the LAST round that I SOMEHOW FORGOT (lbr it’s because Biome Series took over my life). Their prompt: “Oh boy, so many ideas. I loved most that you wrote sub!qui because it shows up so rarely. What I’d really like is a scenario where Qui-Gon suddenly has to play a subserviant role (like for a mission, something about him makes the locals think he belongs to Obi-Wan or something). And Qui-Gon is just massively shocked by how much of a turn on it is.”

I’ve named it Lek-than Manners and it’s going swimmingly so far! Mmhm. Just. SWIMMINGLY. >:3c

Komorebi (the Monstrous) is now at 13500 words and nowhere near done. I am almost 100% certain it’ll be split, but I’ve got to find an appropriate title and finish the stupid draft before I go cutting it into parts. So. Yes. Good job, assholes, you went and made me write a fuckin’ novella. XD (I love you all.)

Since I’ve sprained my ribs I can’t help do house repairs so…I’ve been pretty much just…taking the kids to McDonald’s every day to play for hours…it’s now freezing outside in the mornings and our winter coats went down south with the rest of our household goods so indoors it is!

Which means hopefully I’ll be clipping right along on both stories and the newest round of prompts. :)