NG’s LEJIN ELAHI OPENING UP NICKI MINAJ AND MEEK MILL. For a few months rumors have been circling around about The NG Dance Choreographer “Lejin Elahi” of possibly being the opening act for Hip Hop Rappers/Couple Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill at the Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas in July. Well, Now the rumors can be put to rest, The NG Star took to his facebook page making the announcement yesterday, Confirming that the rumors were true!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Yes sir coming to ears near you!

Thank you, @essenceofspace for reminding me about this thing haha


  • Storm Carter: black and pink liger. in place of a head it has a floating cube that glows and pulses softly. it wishes it were a tree. 
  • Serenity Carter: garbage whale. it lives in a cave with its parents. it loves to wear nail polish but applies it messily. 
  • Sophitia Carter: OBSCENELY BRIGHT YELLOW wyrm. it loves trash. it speaks a forgotten and ancient language both disturbing and enchanting to mortal ears. 
  • Lejin Carter: plastic walrus. it wears a lot of eye makeup. it wears a cherry-themed outfit. 
  • Sheik Carter: gray dolphin. smoke pours from its mouth. it carries a nail bat. 
  • Meisodd Tenoa: glittering black chicken. it floats about a foot off of the ground. it is an emissary from hell. 
  • Shianne Helsmer: neon green rooster. it loves to devour the rotting plant matter covering the forest floor. it is made of jelly. 
  • Fletcher Lambrick: angelic panda. where its tail should be is just another head. it has a forked tongue. 
  • Colten Lambrick: glass fennec fox. it is a tattoo artist. it lures men to their deaths with its beautiful voice. 
  • Juma: translucent dinosaur. it cries all the time and can’t really do much about it. it has super obvious tan lines. 
  • Kina: unholy maine coon. it carries a cellphone with a ridiculous amount of charms and keychains. its eyes are way too big to be normal. 
  • Akalah: vintage tiger. it is always blushing. it is a makeup artist. 
  • Sakura Roche: purple and blue mantis. it carries a cellphone with a ridiculous amount of charms and keychains. it is a fire elemental. 
  • Awena Sayer: tiny pink bunny. it is a skilled glass-blower. it loves trash.