GaLev fanfic (Told from Gajeel's point of view)

                As I walked into the gleaming Fairy Tail guild hall, I heard a small voice call out behind me. I turn around, almost blinded by the sun’s direct rays, to see my partner in crime, Levy. “Gajeel! Gajeel! Look what I found in the library!” she said jumping up and down with a book held out towards me. “It’s a book about how two best friends become lovers! It was a really good book and I really think you should read it sometime! I’ll even let you borrow my speedy reading glasses!” The blunette said excitedly as I took the book from her hands. Levy’s glasses were her most prized possession, and offering to let me borrow them was a huge surprise. “Sure Levy, I’ll read it but I don’t want to borrow your glasses because I would probably break them on accident.” I said calmly. The sun was starting to get uncomfortably hot, or I was blushing, but either way we needed to go into the guild hall. “C’mon, let me get a look at this book inside.” I said while roughly, but not rough enough to hurt her, dragging her by the wrist and walking in side. “Gajeel! I can walk on my own you know!” Levy shouted as I dragged her to table.

                After we were seated at a table I flipped over the book and read the back. ‘A knight and princess admit their love after going on a fascinating adventure.’ It read. “Levy,” I said as I flipped over the book “Is this another one of those classic dragon slaying fairy tales?”  “Of course it’s got the same theme, but this one is different from any other ones I have read.” She huffed. “Can I read this after today’s mission?” I asked in a much better tone than hers. “As long as you promise to read it, I’m satisfied.” She answered in a perky tone. She got up and wandered over to the request bored and I followed suit. “How about this one?” She asked as she pointed to the piece of paper stuck on the old, peeling request board. “Slay a beast that guards a vault, then crack the letter code on the vault and bring the contents of the vault to me.” She read out loud. “Wow great find it’s got something for both of us!” I exclaimed. I was very relieved not to do another text-based mission. It also had a very nice reward, 50,000 J. “You go home and pack, it will be an overnight trip it says. I’ll meet you at the train station in an hour!” She said excitedly as she grabbed the request off the board and dashed over to Mira. I shook my head and walked back to the table we were sitting at and got the book Levy wanted me to read. I looked back at Levy to make sure Mira let her have the mission, then I started my walk back to my house.

                As I walked into the front door to my apartment a heard PantherLilly say, “Welcome back Gajeel! Why didn’t you wake me this morning!” I sighed and shut the door. “You say this every day, and when I do wake you your always a grump!” I snapped back. I walked down the hall and went into the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the basket and then proceeded to the living room where I sat in the black armchair. “So do we have a mission today?” he asked me as my exceed partner flew to the back of the gray couch. “We do, and it’s finally not a text-based one!” I said cheerfully while munching on my apple. “Do you think I could skip this one, Gajeel? I kind of have an exceed party today that I rather not miss if that’s alright.” He asked shyly. “Sure, as long as Happy is going.” and I answered while trying not to show my surprise. PantherLilly usually always wants to go on mission, and he also tends to avoid public events and parties. “Thank you so much this is going to be really fun!” He said flying around the room, almost knocking into the ceiling fan. “Calm down you’re gonna break something!” I said gruffly. PantherLilly stopped abruptly. “Sorry that came out wrong.” I said softly. I shouldn’t be worried about PantherLilly going to a party, but I was. I sighed and walked out of the room, throwing the core of my apple in the trash. I walked back down the hall and into my room on the left. I was instantly met with the dark grey walls and light blue carpet that popped out at me every time I walked in. I opened my squeaky closet to grab the suit case that I kept for missions of the top shelf. I placed it on my bed and proceeded to pack my clothes. 

********TO BE CONTINUE*************

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(I don’t think I made gajeel rough enough)