casuallyhardcoreimagines  asked:

imagine tho cop!so with jamie like he sees them out of uniform on a normal day out of work, (he was leaving the overwatch tower) and just 0.0 holy shit they look even better out of the uniform, he stutters and walks up to them, the look annoyed, but let him tag along as they do their normal groceries, it was surprisingly....fun. when he gets home he swings the door open "ROADIE!YOU WILL NOT BE-LEIVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME MATE!so get this-"

Bonus if it’s a hot day and they’re in like… tiny shorts and a cute tank top and Junk is like ‘heeeeeeeeeey hot mama whatcha doing” trying to be all smooth but he fucking t r i p s on the curb and lands on his face and his crush is like ‘wtf you’re not supposed to be adorably klutzy you’re a criminal’ but they check to make sure that he’s okay before letting him tag along in the store.

They share jokes and snort at every funny thing they see, and Junk even manages to get a smooth move in when he grabs something from a high shelf for them and they have the (cliché) tips of the fingers touch and they hold each other’s gaze and he just smiles all sweet before saying ‘love, y’gotta le’ go o’ m’hand.” and they scoff before flushing darkly and yanking their hand away.

He sneaks in a kiss to their cheek before he runs home and they’re like ‘……….fUCK I SHOULDN’T BE ATTRACTED TO HIM’ but he stole their heart