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Along the road from Rocky and River, Ryan and Gavin both had outings on the first half of their rotation. Gavin went on a date with Virginia Beech, meeting her at the Eatery. Although they normally have one bolt of chemistry, Gavin headed down in his formal wear, which is one of Virginia’s turn ons, and which raised them up to two bolts. They had some dinner, and ended up with a dream date which wound up with their first kiss.

The following morning, Ryan headed out on a wander around campus to catch up with Gavin on his semester hours. He started off at the Gym, then headed over to the Faculty building to study in the law library before stopping off at the SU for a free lunch.

Back home, Gavin spent his day working on his term paper, and finished it just before I saved, which stands him in good stead to do well this semester.

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No ohan niissä lehdissä kaikki vähintäänkin puolialasti koko ajan. Akullakaan ole housuja. Kauhean rappiollinen tämä nykymaailma, mitäköhän Kekkonenkin tästä ajattelis. Lapsille tällaista saastaa tarjotaan, JUMALAUTA! Kyllä minun nuoruudessani oli housut jalassa, niin Kekkosella kuin ankoillakin! Housut jalassa meni Aku leivänmurujen perässä.

niimpä, helevetti soikoon!

(…mut eikö aku ollu jossain vaiheessa kielletty täällä just siks ku sillä ei ollu housuja)


Back in Widespot proper, and Virginia was desperate for a date, having had the want locked since she graduated. Her best chemistry is with former housemate Ryan Leive, but that’s never going to happen, so I looked in her chemistry panel to see who else was a possibility, and came across Gavin Newson. Only one bolt, but Virginia’s turn ons are formalwear and swimwear, so that can be changed. They had a long phone call and became friends, so perhaps tomorrow, or on Gavin’s rotation, they can date.

In the morning, Sandy spent the day at home, getting on top of the housework and then working towards her goal of maxing her mechanical skill.

After work and school, the girls both headed off for naps, and Hamilton played some darts. More darts ended up in the wall than the dartboard, however…

Tomorrow’s Rainbow’s birthday, and I’m currently leaning towards making her Popularity, like the rest of her family, but I’m not sure if there’s something else which would fit her better… Any thoughts?

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Laitan mukiin eka maidon ja sit kaakaojauheen.


mä revin aina kalkkunaleikkeleen puoliks ja sit puolitan viel ne puolikkaat ja laitan sit aina ne kaks pientä palaa yhelle leivälle ja laitan juustoo (leikkeleen päälle) puolentoista siivun verran