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u know what makes u super awesome is that you're ridiculously talented and so kind and gracious to your followers and honestly you might just be one of the nicest and most helpful people on this website and i'm just really grateful i follow you :) hope you had a lovely weekend xo

Oh my gosh okay I just have to post this because this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever told me and I seriously want it on my blog forever :’) Thank you so much for following and for sending me this and I love you you’re really too kind to me!!!!!!


[TXT] I hope you forgive me for prying, normally I’m more austere with my interactions with clients, but you’ve kindly inquired after me in the past.

[TXT] So, how are you Melissa? Doing well I hope.

[TXT] Excited for new classes to begin at the academy?

[TXT] You are fairly young correct? As in contemporary? You have no trouble keeping up with things in fashion? Am I right in assuming so?

[TXT] Why bother being austere with me? I don’t care about formalities Otto, I think they’re silly
[TXT] I actually got let go at the Academy. So no seeing me around in the lunch room! They wanted someone with more supernatural experience than me. It’s okay, though. I still have Mal Ojo and the coffee shop. 
[TXT] Compared to you, I’m like a baby, right? So pretty young!
[TXT] I love fashion! Otto Leitner, are you asking for fashion advice? Are we going to have a changing montage at a mall? You come out in Juicy sweatpants or leather chaps and I shake my head dramatically but then you come out in these rolled up jeans and maybe suspenders? You could pull off a hipster look! anyways, then I give you a thumbs up and it cuts to us leaving the mall, laughing and throwing our bags over our shoulders, wearing sunglasses and drinking smoothies


It wasn’t that Otto Leitner was generally a slow man.  His movements, when he moved, were not sluggard or stupidly-derived or even idle.  They were deliberate, combined with a blend of hesitant and twitchy in some circumstances, or firm and resigned in others.  Otto’s movements overall, always seemed slightly puppet-like - the way joints would fall and raise and curl at odd moments, both to make the puppet seem more natural and yet also unnatural at the same time.  An imitation of life, come to life - with Otto deftly pulling his own strings.


Bastos joins Lazio from Rostov

Lazio have competed the signing of Angola international defender Bastos from Russian Premier League side Rostov.

The 24-year-old played in both legs of Rostov’s Champions League qualifying victory over Anderlecht – the club’s European debut – but was not part of the matchday squad for Tuesday’s 1-1 draw at Ajax as his move to Lazio neared completion.

“SS Lazio announces the acquisition of the registration of the player Bartolomeu Jacinto Quissanga, coming from Russian club FK Rostov,” read a statement on Lazio’s official website.

The terms of the transfer were not disclosed, although Lazio are reported to have sanctioned a fee in the region of €6.5million.

Bastos made 84 appearances for Rostov after joining from Petroleos Luanda in his homeland in July 2013, scoring four times.

He joins Moritz Leitner, Jordan Lukaku, Ciro Immobile and Wallace among the new arrivals at Lazio, who begin their Serie A campaign at Atalanta on Sunday.