10 random facts about me..

1. My name is Natasha.
2. I have a twin sister ( fraternal).
3. I am 17 ( my birthday is the 19th… HANNT turnup! 🍃👏🏾💮😊).
4. I’m live in NY.
5. I’m 5'8
6. I love art and music but I can’t really draw and paint and I can’t sing ( I do it anyway).
7. I love my dark skin 😌
8. I love sarcastic ass people with dry humor..
9. My best friends name is Leither ( often mistaken for my lesbian lover).
10. I smoke weed… A lot! But I’m not a pothead.

Der Runde Tisch “Kray ist bunt” trifft sich am Dienstag, 15. September 2015 um 19.00 Uhr

im Ev. Gemeindesaal, Leither Str. 33, 45307 Essen-Kray.