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Striking Photos of India’s Rapid, Chaotic Urbanization
Lars Mortensen documents the ever-expanding construction in India, from the high rises to the slums.

Urbanization is creating a lot of issues. India, with a population of 1,252 billion of people, is a good example of this problem.

In fact, in 1951 Indian living in cities were 62 million, today they are 429 million. The World Bank projects that this number will double to 857 million by 2050 This phenomenon increase the inequality between people. Actually cities are not enough big to host all these people, it is why the famous Dharavi Slum exists.

I’ve been in this slum and, I was quite suprise, it is a huge business place. They are making leither, jeans, plastic, etc. But most of the people, that are working and living there, are not from Mumbai. From an Indian point of view Mumbai is an expensive city to rent a flat, it explain why they are living in this dirty slum.

The standard of life over there is really bad. Rooftops and streets are full of waste, people are not using any protection when they are working with toxic and dangerous products, kids are playing with dangerous goods.

With the development of urbanization should we expect other similar slum to appear? I think so.

That why it is important to educate people and companies about sustainability in order to control this urbanization. In my opinion, education is the only way to have a sustainable urbanization.