leisure suit larry 6

My two cents over the whole "Shablee" issue from the Leisure Suit Larry episode.

I’d like to start of by saying that I am cisgendered. I don’t personally know the struggles a trans person faces. And if you think this somehow invalidates my opinion, you know where the unfollow and/or block features are.

While I will never feel dysphoria over certain parts of me, or ever be discriminated or hated on by family members, friends, or even strangers over the internet, I have quite a few trans friends who have helped me understand what terms can be considered offensive and what terms are fine. I can’t exactly even say whether or not this was offensive because I’m not trans so of course I won’t feel offended by that. But what I will say, is that Dan apologized for what he said on reddit:

(Here’s a link to the original post: x)

He explained that he realized he was in the wrong and actually wants to learn the correct terms so he can be less offensive next time. And I think that is one of the best things cisgendered people can do. Learn about the trans community and what words/pronouns are not offensive to better ourselves and not offend the trans community. And if that’s not good enough for you, and you’re still butthurt about it, then I suggest you unsubscribe from anything related to Dan and stay far far away from it until you can accept the fact that Dan actually wants to correct the bad things he’s done and get better. 

I’m not trying to invalidate anyone’s feelings over this. I’m sure there were trans/non binary people who had all right to get mad at this. But if you are still angry despite his efforts to get better, then we’ve got a problem. Please don’t invalidate cisgendered people’s efforts to get better just because you’ve had it bad.

Adventure game background art

Ah, Sierra. You gotta love the beautiful background art in their VGA games. From the cartoony…

…to the outright pretty…

…you have to admit someone was credit to team.

But then there’s games where they seemingly dropped the ball (in my opinion) for whatever style-related reason…

…or simply didn’t do much “background art” at all…

And that makes me feel…

Well, okay, I guess, about using edited Gmod screenshots from Letrune in “The Dating Pool", turning this…

…into this:

short version of the latest Game Grumps debacle:

  • Danny and Ross are playing Leisure Suit Larry 6
  • The game contains a subplot in which Larry woos a woman, only to find out she has a penis, and then throws up (basically the stock transphobic “oh she’s tricking men into having sex with somebody with a penis” trope)
  • Danny says “it’s just from a different time, people weren’t as sensitive back then” but also says “she’s still pretty, she just has a penis, nothing wrong with that”
  • “I hope none of our trans or gay viewers are offended by this, we think you’re all beautiful the way you are”
  • and that was the end of the discussion, unless I missed something in a different series

all these quotes I used are exact quotes, so draw your own conclusions