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Good morning my loves!

Today’s agenda:
-morning appointment with the life insurance lady.
-leisure read (I haven’t just sat and read a book in awhile and I been wanting to do that!)
-admire the rainy day!
-film a video or two maybe?

I go back to work tomorrow so Mondays are the days I remain productively relaxed.

||All my supplies finally arrived so I thought I’d share what I got. have a new organization system I wanna try out this year so hopefully that works out.||

-totoro pencil case from Amazon. (And should I do what’s in my pencil case?)
-5 pack muji B5 6mm lined notebooks
-sticky notes
-18 month bando agenda (print: lady of leisure)
-Clear B5 campus kokuyo smart ring binder (jet pens)
-kokuyo lined paper(jet pens)
-Five star folder


Downtown by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Summer may be drawing to a close, but for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, it’s not too late for a breezy moped cruise–or gang showdown, for that matter–on a sunny afternoon. Their new single, “Downtown,” and it’s accompanying video is a frenetic and jubilant affair that has been stuck in my head all day. Macklemore picks up where he left off with 2013’s “Thrift Shop,” only this time it’s mopeds he’s haggling over, not cheap clothing, and when he finds the one he wants, he rides it through the wall of the store and out of sight. From there, it’s choreographed dances, leisurely cruises with the ladies, streetcorner showdowns a la West Side Story, and more over five and a half gloriously bizarre minutes.

Like the video, the song is scatterbrained and has a short attention span, but this, for me, is what makes it so much fun. The rap flops back and forth between Macklemore’s laidback flow and his veteran guests’ edgy gang vocals, periodically and abruptly giving way to Eric Nally’s euphoric and melodic chorus, delivered in a voice reminiscent of early 90’s Michael Jackson. The narrative element, the bizarre props, and the eclectic cast of characters make the whole thing feel more like a musical number than a song, and while I’ve always abhorred musicals, “Downtown” is possibly the most fun I’ve had with a music video this year. Even Macklemore’s critics, who seethed last year when he and Lewis won a Grammy despite accusations of cultural appropriation similar to those leveled at Iggy Azalea, will struggle not to be impressed with this one.

A Summary of Thoughts I’ve Had in 2016
  • Should I quit my job and move to Tahoe?
  • Should I quit my job and find a new job in Antarctica? People in this documentary seem to think it’s just the best. I could find myself while I spend four months in darkness.
  • They have a marathon in Antarctica! It costs about the same as the GDP of a small island nation but I could save for it! 
  • I should start wandering around more farmer’s markets.
  • I should probably also quit my ski store job so I have more time for aforementioned wandering around markets.
  • Where can I find an appropriate, lady-of-leisure silk robe to lounge in?
  • Note to self: make more time for lounging.
  • SNOW!
  • Meeting new people is so fun! I should do this more often.
  • Sitting around the house and drinking tea is the best.
  • I think I can afford joining that rockclimbing gym. But do I have time? More importantly, when was the last time I actually went rockclimbing?
  • Perhaps I’ll take up parkour this year.
  • Okay, I definitely need to run more trails this year. 
  • I should stop using the heavy whipping cream in my tea but it will go to waste if I don’t. And it’s so delicious.

The Misses Mary and Hannah Murray (1806). John Trumbull (American, 1756-1843). Oil on canvas. Smithsonian American Art Museum.

This portrait, painted for the sisters’ father, a prosperous New York merchant, reflects Trumbull’s mature portrait style at its apogee. One sister holds a drawing instrument while the other has a musical score. Both are ladies of leisure who have received training in the arts.

A Moor Presenting a Parrot to a Lady (c.1660-70). Nicolaes Berchem (Dutch, 1620-1683). Oil on canvas. Wadsworth Atheneum.

This elaborate painting reflects the Dutch interpretation of Mediterranean life and leisure. An elegantly dressed lady is being courted by an African “Moor.” The exact meaning of this encounter remains ambiguous. It may be an allegory of love and desire, represented by the statue of Venus and Cupid, or an illustration of the five senses.