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Mkay so there was this guy that went to my middle school that was kinda weird, like he talked in this strange voice that wasn’t his actual voice (his real voice just sounds like a normal guy with a slight chinese accent, while the one he used was kind of pitchy and purposefully bufoonish?? idk it’s hard to explain) and he would make weird jokes about fascism and ask girls if he could smell their hair and stuff like that, but we were all like 12 and it seemed like he was just doing this stuff to be edgy or whatever so we mostly just ignored it.

For obvious reasons, this guy didn’t have many friends, and one of my best friends is basically the exact definition of a sweet, optimistic person, so she ended up befriending this guy. Back then our friend group would all skype and play minecraft together, so we added this guy to our group chat and gave him the ip of the server one of us hosted and besides the occasional much-too-casual mention of or joke about rape/stalking/nazis, he was basically normal. (I honestly don’t know how we decided we were all okay with this guy, but, as I said earlier, we just assumed he was joking and was gonna grow out of this weird phase).

Fast forward to the other day when about half of this friend group was hanging out, and we ended up getting really bored and deciding to re-download minecraft and check out our old minecaft server just for the laughs. For some reason we decided to tell this guy what we were doing, and he came on the server too.

For a while it was all good, and we were all just having fun laughing at all the weird shit we’d made that had been so important to us in 7th grade and uncovering all these old inside jokes and whatnot. Then, the two girls who I think this guy has pegged as the biggest/most outspoken liberals in the group (out of a group comprised entirely of liberals because this is San Francisco) went to bed and it was down to just me, two guys, and this weird guy.

I forgot why, but for some reason we all ended up teleporting to this guy and found out he’d gone off into the wilderness and was building a giant nazi flag. None of us really know what to do, and we still thing he’s just trying to be edgy, so we just kind of awkwardly refuse to help him build it and leave the game pretty soon after. 

Then, the next day, one of the girls who left early decided to go on the server again and found that this guy had made banners with swastikas on them and hung them all over the town we had built. She decides this isn’t okay, and rants about it in a group chat with everyone except him. Later, one of us tells this guy that the swastikas aren’t okay, and he says something along the lines of, “oh yeah, [girl] found them, didn’t she? crazy liberal” and we tell him, no, she’s not a crazy liberal, 10 million people died in the holocaust so it’s not really something he should be joking about. And then he says that no, actually only 200,000 jews died, and links me and this other guy to a 6 hour documentary on youtube about how the holocaust was fake. And for the next hour and a half I argued with this guy about whether the holocaust happened or not.

Some of my favorite points of his:

- the jews made up the holocaust to elevate their political status so they could reclaim israel

- the jews did live in internment camps, but they were actually fun places to be because they had leisure activites like painting and swimming

- the reason the jews looks so emaciated and miserable in photos from ww2 germany is that it was wartime and no one had enough food,  and it’s actually the USSR’s fault

- jews control the mass media and censor everything that could threaten their power

- 200k jews did die, but that’s only because of disease and starvation because of the USSR

- all those things we think are gas chambers were actually just bathrooms

- hitler just wanted to improve his country and make a new, stronger reich

- mussolini did nothing wrong, and when i brought up how he heavily censored the media/free speech and jailed all of his political opponents, he said this was a “necessary evil”

- when i brought up that what he’s saying wasn’t wrong for mussolini to do is exactly what he’s saying the jews are doing right now, he said that it’s different because mussolini was just trying to strengthen his country, while the jews want to oppress other cultures

- “there’s nothing wrong with racial purity”

- jews “promote our modern rape culture and even support multiculturalism which is ruining europe”

- germans only care about holocaust remembrance because they are “forced to be subjugated to the jews”

- jews caused germany to lose ww1 and didn’t suffer at all from hyperinflation under the weimar republic (i will admit that the hyperinflation part is partly true because many jews did hold high paying jobs at that time, which was actually huge a contributor to the growing antisemitism in the country, so he’s actually kind of arguing against his own point here)

- the nurmeburg trials were fake and orchestrated by the USSR because they wanted to humiliate the germans

(there’s more and if y'all want i could submit screenshots of all this shit to shameshack) I just cant believe my friends and I actually hung out with this guy

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What do you think Lovino does in his spare time?

i’ve always placed lovino as a late 20′s to early 30′s man who is still actually up to date with the newest trends & activities, not because he wants to “look cool” (*cough*feliciano*cough*), but because he genuinely likes them lmfao

so while i imagine antonio doing more adult-like leisure time activites, i imagine lovino subconsciously doing what people would associate “younger people” to do.

for example, if he has a day off from work and wants to stay in bed, he’ll either binge watching on netflix criminal minds or law n order svu or go online window shopping with headphones for hours on his laptop as if he’s a teen; bonus points if he’s into one tree hill or vampire diaries or etc. ahaha! usually even feliciano and antonio have to bring him food cause he’ll literally not even take care of himself once he’s in the zone.

in general, whether he’s on his lunch break at work or home or even at a party he doesn’t want to be at, he’ll take out his phone and look up on his social media. just picturing lovino typing indirect tweets, liking people’s selfies on instagram, and watching and revining vines makes me v happy.

if he’s feeling actually social, lovino will hit up a best friend or a group of close friends & head downtown with them, walking into multiple cafes and stores to later on going to an upbeat bar to dance and drink to some music. silly bonus: i can imagine him taking pictures for his black and white themed instagram.

some days in his spare time he cleans a bit of his apartment/house, but only for a short time before he calls it quits and heads to bed early cause he hates cleaning; too much work for a day off.

other times, if he’s feeling romantic or affectionate, antonio & he will go on a date, ranging from making a simple romantic homemade dinner at his place for the both of them to walking around and sightseeing. They do really calming activities together in general because antonio is more into relaxing and “good comforting vibes” and so lovino will use his spare time to take antonio to those soothing areas around them rather than go to the bar.

basically to make things shorts, no matter if we’re talking about aph romano or any lovino in an au, i love imagining him soaking himself in social media, enjoying tv shows, engulfing himself in fashion, cooking up new recipes, going to the bar with friends on a few occasions, and simply asking antonio out on dates to the simplest, cutest date settings.