Hotel Riviera Swimming Pool; Las Vegas, Nevada 1950s by 1950sUnlimited
Via Flickr:
The beautiful olympic sized Riviera Pool where you can relax and enjoy the comfort of your own private cabana. This plush nine story hotel has established a new high in the Las Vegas sky. The greatest personalities in show business appear nightly in the Clover Room.


B L U R   A L B U M S.


Leisure. “26th August 1991”

Modern Life Is Rubbish. “10th May 1993"

Parklife. “25th April 1994”

The Great Escape. “11th September 1995”

Blur. “10th February 1997”

13. “15th March 1999”

Think Tank. “5th May 2003”

The Magic Whip. “27th April 2015”



A little clip from this weekends Aerial Dreams project at @pa_pole_academy So much fun creating - aerial dreams is a whole lot of floaty goodness mixed with grace and a dash of bad assert. For Full video, you can check out my YouTube channel. #aerialdreams #papoleacademy #aerialhammock #aerial #aerialsilks #aerialart #hammock #tissue #dream #floaty #video #aerialvideo #gooey #dreamy Wearing @aloyoga airbrushed #leggings #aloyoga
By kiska151

so i was tagged to the same thing by like 3 people but since the questions are different i decided to answer them all at once so i don’t have to ask another 67512 questions so yeah anyway the rules:
1. Always post these rules. 
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you and give 11 questions for the blogs you tag. 
3. Tag 11 people.

hazpilicueta‘s questions:

what are your favourite movies? tough one, i actually prefer tv shows but recently i’ve seen kingsman it was pretty good 
who are your favourite singers/bands? imagine dragons, bastille, starset
whats was your best holiday memory? well i got lost in canary islands when i was like 10 it was fun lmao
have you ever been to a football match? if so which one/s? just my nt’s games for example the one against norway or a couple of u21s my favourite one was the one against denmark bc andreas lmao also england and germany idk i’m probably going to a few euro u21 games aswell this summer
do you know any other languages? and would you like to learn more? my first language is czech, i guess you can say i’m fluent in slovak too but it’s really similar i’d say it is more of a czech accent than an actual language but slovak ppl led by škrtel would definitely kill me for that so idk i used to speak a bit of german but i don’t remember much of it anymore, been taking spanish classes for 4 years but i still suck at it and then there’s english.. speaking of wanting to learn more, all i want is to get better at both spanish and english once i’ve achieved that i’m done w languages lmao 
whats your dream job? idk preferably something football related
what would your dream house be like? penthouse in west london tbh
have you ever been to a concert? if so who was it and what was it like? unfortunately nah
whats the best memory in your life so far? my blog description says meeting andreas let’s stick to that
favourite bromance/s? lamperry
favourite wag/s? montana yorke probably 

xhazardinho‘s questions:
1)What’s your dream job? already answered
2)Where would you like to live and why? west london bc i could get a season ticket and go to all the chelsea games and victory parades unfortunately i don’t have 7851762510 million pounds to afford that atm
3)If you were an animal, what would you be? a very very lazy dog
4)Which is your favourite sport besides football? i don’t really watch any other sports tbh and as for playing the only other sport i don’t totally suck at is floorball but football has always been my #1 
5)Which superpower would you like to have? extra speed like barry allen idk
6)Which language would you like to learn? as i said my priority is to get better at the ones i already kinda speak i’m not planning on learning any more languages
7)Have you ever attended a football match? If yes, which ones? already answered
8)Favourite film? already answered
9)Favourite tv-series? arrow, the flash, once upon a time, the 100, sleepy hollow
10) Favourite actor/actress? stephen amell, grant gustin, tom mison, colin o’donoghue, carlos valdes / emily bett rickards
11)What’s the most precious thing to you? time is precious i’m getting old

ourboysinblue‘s questions:
1) If you could only have 1 food to eat forever, what would it be?
either pizza or paella
2) What’s your favourite summer activity? not leaving my house
3) Are you a morning or night person? i’m definitely not a morning person but i’m not much of a night person either like.. idk i’m barely even a person
4) Favourite cartoon? tom and jerry for sure
5) Describe yourself in 3 worlds only lazy as fuck
6) If you could choose one football player to be bestfriends with, who would it be? i’d say diego but i wouldn’t understand him so didier probably 
7) What can you absolutely not live without? this is gonna sound so sad but.. my life depends on nonstop internet connection
8) If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be? can i say ichabod crane 
9) Favourite song? idk this is really fucking hard can i say ‘he’s here, he’s there, he’s every fucking where joey coole’ bc for some reason i’ve been singing that all day and i don’t have the heart to choose an actual song sorry
10) Favourite band/singer already answered
11) What are you obsessed with? football, sadly

so thanks everyone for tagging me now it’s time to come up with my own questions but since i’m not that creative i’m gonna copy some of the ones above i hope you don’t mind and if you do well then i’m sorry but it was my birthday like a month ago so you kinda have to be nice to me 

1) If you were a vegetable, what would you be and why?
2) How many languages do you speak?
3) How would you name your own football club? note: vegetable references only
4) Favourite food that is not a vegetable
5) Favourite book
6) Favourite academy player (if u say andreas we’re already best friends ok)
7) On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love me
8) Teams you support; both clubs and nts
9) Your favourite tv shows
10) How do you pronounce courage it’s such a weird word
11) Name 3 things you like more than pizza

i tag hyperturtlenoises, aubaneyang, azpilicutest, leisure, edenhazardisbae, cechspetr, sassfabregas, vilondedomh, w8dyinho, slightlyobsessedwithfootball and sheker2508 who ain’t gonna do it anyway i know