hello i was tagged by @fkatwg @sunsetgorl wulfalice freddiekowan and bruce-foxton to do the 20 beautiful ppl challenge! thank u for tagging me! (idk why it won’t let me tag gabriele and mutiara but whatevs) also ithink leisure tagged me ages ago?? anyway ya thank u guys!

i tag… tomorrowalbarn pyonggyangg serginhochulapa easternspell parklife-princess kpiarz jarvcocker thegrowlerz ok i’ll leave it at that


so uhm fabwhoretti tagged me ages ago to do the 20 beautiful women thingy thank you so much ily and ur beautiful

and u dont have to do it, probably some of you have been tagged already but i tag you cos ur beautiful and ilu 1. leisure 2. thebiggergroove 3. tweensuicide 4. departurelounges 5. lichtenstien 6. freddiekowan 7. pollylovesmuse 8. afterthe-moment 9- shiningdesert 10. baionce 11. dark-pop 13. graa-ahma 14. jaywhatson 15. reservoirgoths 16. obvioussbicycle 17. yonkersz 18. josef-albers and even tho ur not here anymore ilusm 19. mattelders 20. gracoxon