leilehua high school

this is where i pour my heart out.

It makes me so sad when people talk down about Leilehua. This school gave me everything and I gave the school my all. Leilehua taught me how to be a better person overall. So my heart is bonded to Leilehua and when people talk smack, I get so sad because the school, the teachers, the people in general made such a huge impact on my life.

and i’d give anything to help the school. People don’t understand how great a school it is. It makes me so sad that I’m not close, geographically speaking, to the school- that I don’t get to see green and gold all around me. People don’t understand how much I care for the betterment of this school. They think it’s just a front. They think that I just like to do it because of the attention. EFF that. I gave my soul to Leilehua. When I was in middle school, I wasn’t confident whatsoever, I was teased constantly, I was quiet, I didn’t feel like anything except a loser that couldn’t do anything for anyone..not even for myself considering my parents didn’t think I was capable of doing anything. When I got to Leilehua, everyone was so caring..there was opportunity all around me. I felt loved, at peace with myself, I had every chance to make a difference at the school and in the community. Soon, I was no longer that quiet girl who was afraid to say anything. I was involved in so many clubs and extracurricular activities at Leilehua, I could speak in front of the entire student body without feeling like a nervous wreck, and I had a platonic relationship with practically every single one of the students that were attending the school. People could come up to me and tell me what was bothering them; I was trusted. Seeing what I was like in middle school, you would have never guessed that it would be me. You wouldn’t have guessed that i’d be the girl that would make a difference and would actually mean something to a school and a community.

So when people talk smack about Leilehua, I can’t help but feel weak and defenseless. I’m miles away from Leilehua and if I could do anything, it would be to talk to all of the students and remind them how great of a school Leilehua is and remind them about the Leilehua Way of Leadership, Humility, and Service because it seems to me like people are forgetting. But I don’t blame all of them at all about the talking smack about Leilehua.. the smack-talking about Leilehua is coming from certain students and students from other schools. I would just like to see the students keep their Leadership, Humility, and Service while defending Leilehua against students who don’t know what it’s like to be a student at Leilehua.

So now I’m at UHM. It’s still on O'ahu, but it’s nothing like Leilehua. Here, I feel like I was in middle school except I have a chance to make a difference in this school, but I don’t feel like it would mean anything to anyone except those actually taking action. I don’t talk to anyone here except my friends in high school. The friends that I made in high school see me and they don’t see the Jennifer that they met. They see the middle school me. It’s tragic, really. There are so many things here at UHM, but I don’t feel like being in any of those clubs would mean anything. It’s definitely not like Leilehua..that’s for sure.

Because the truth is.. Once you’re a Leilehua Mule, You’re ALWAYS a Leilehua Mule and nothing will ever change that.