Darsha: Stop squirming, Sarva! *Picks him up in his jaws by the scruff and places him between his arms to resume grooming him*
Sarva: *Squeaks and chirrs and keeps trying to get over Darsha’s arm but is still too young and small to crawl, so just gives up and tilts his head and stares at the newcomer, blinking curiously*


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Darsha: Leilanni, take Sarva home, he needs his medicine. I’m going to find those BASTARDS and make them wish they had never been born!
Khiva: Come to think of it there was no scent in your nest, either… and that odd scent… *She scratches her head* Even the odd scent near where you found his fur… and the human scent with Ender blood not far off…. this doesn’t all add up… It’s just so odd that not even Akila could track the scent.
Darsha: I WILL find them! *Deep, staticy Ender’s growl*
Khiva: Something’s… off here.

~After a couple hours searching, Darsha and Khiva give up, and go back to their territory, unable to find ANY sign of whoever took Sarva. But at least the boy is home, and safe….

Or so it seems.~


[[SORRY Anon, I decided not to go with human pearl hunters, since I worked SO HARD to get him to actually be approachable by humans… not gonna undo it now. xD SO I cooked up something else…. Something a bit more dangerous! ]]


Perhaps roughly an hour after Sarva vanishes from where he lay nestled in Darsha’s heavy mane, Darsha wakes. It is time to give Darva his feeding, and his medicine… only when he moves to nudge Sarva awake he realizes he is not there. Leilanni doesn’t have him; and neither does Khiva. Kaitu is still gone, dealing with his heat and Vanya is curled up asleep in the back of his den. Sarva was nowhere to be found.

With everybody awake, a search begins, Darsha raging the entire time, spines and claws at full length, fangs extended out and bared, a constant staticy snarl rumbling in his chest. But underneath it is fear. Sarva needs his medicine. Without it he will get sick. He needs to be found, and soon.

With the child simply vanishing there is no scent for Darsha and the others to follow, so the search fans out, all, even Vanya, searching for ANY new scent. Anything out of place that could be the slightest clue.

Whoever took Sarva… made the biggest mistake of their lives.

((Mun: ALMOST didn’t do this one, but I decided to turn it into an interactive story arc!
Send asks! Help Darsha figure out who… or what, took off with Sarva!

Asks will get integrated into the story. Feel free to suggest what happens, who took Sarva, or even help Darsha find his sickly little son!

Have fun!))

~A few days after Darsha disappeared~

Khiva: Where the hell did he go?
Leilanni: I have no idea.. His scent just.. vanished.
Khiva: And the residue of a Teleport.
Leilanni: This is not like him, not at all. Why would he run off?
Khiva: Hell if I know. Stubborn dumbass probably has his own reasons…
Leilanni: Maybe we can wait a few days… see if he comes back…
Khiva: Well… I guess this means I’m in charge around here until he gets back. I guess let’s go looking for him. Wait… I’ll go looking. You stay here where it’s safe. If it’s danger… well…
Leilanni: I know… I’m not as strong as others of our kin…
Khiva: And Dad would NEVER forgive me if something happened to you. Get some rest, Mom. I’ll be back. Hopefully with Dad.

Cuddling and grooming is very common among Enders who share a close bond. It’s no different between Darsha and Leilanni. He’s extremely affectionate and protective of her. He may seem very untrusting towards anybody else, but he is always there for his mate no matter what.

While Darsha comes off as vicious and snarly at first, he’s actually very kind underneath. It’s very hard to gain his trust, but once gained he’s very loyal.