Model and fragrance maven Leilani Bishop gives us a little gab time.

What made you want to start your own perfume line?
I wanted specific scents and packaging that I couldn’t find anywhere.

Being that you are a total mega babe, what is a good beauty tip for us?
Most dermatologist I have seen say the best way to stay young is to have lots of orgasms, so I can pass that along to you.

What’s a great eco tip?
Simple things like bringing your own grocery bags to the store can really make a big difference. 

What is your go to piece of clothing?
My mom’s hand me down vintage dress from Guatemala.  It always makes me feel cool.

Being your fragrance oils are inspired by flowers, what are your favorite flowers?
Pua kini kini, pikake, and gardenia. 

You are a mom, but still have one of the most rockin’ bodies.  How do you stay in shape?
Circuit training with my trainer Adam Rosante.  

Leilani is wearing the Onyx dress (top photo) and the Dove dress (bottom photo).