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Strictly Professional - Chapter 3

This wee chapter is dedicated to @qinaliel for letting me use her name for Jon’s first sex toy to review 😛😘

Jon opened their apartment door with anticipation gnawing a hole in his gut. It was the Thursday following his acceptance to become a reviewer for Rose Petal Adult Toys and he knew - he just knew - that there was going to be a parcel waiting for him today.

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Apollo- So, Leilani, eliminated in 3rd place. Must be difficult.
Leilani- Well, yeah, it’s difficult. I really thought I would go further than this. I guess I should’ve been focusing more on what I was doing, rather than just imagining the win. 
Apollo- What are your plans now?
Leilani- I guess I’ll go home, play some ball with the team to let off some steam. And just figure it out from there.
Apollo- Is it hard saying goodbye?
Leilani- Of course. Marigold is a special girl. But I know I’ll be OK. There’s other fish in the sea…or wolves in the forest. 
Apollo- Ha. Funny. Well, best of luck, Leilani.

@melien I am frowning so hard right now. I was so sad to see Leilani was next to leave. Even in the actual game, her personality shone through, with her idle actions and autonomous interactions with everyone. I hope this sim finds a good home somewhere! Or I’ll at least imagine a happy ending for her =)

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Just to be clear on this I was one of the persons that screenshot Dinah's aunt Leilani's tweet. YES SHE DELETED THE TWEET AND IT WAS REAL!! I saw it with my own eyes! I even got to message the girl that also tweeted to Leilani saying "what wut wut" I couldn't believe it so I screenshot it and send it to one of my few friends and to a Camren group chat. They couldn't believe it either!! I swear I'm not lying😩 at 2:35pm she tweeted/2:37pm I screenshot it. Then she deleted the tweet!