leila pls

mukemaloxx  asked:

Waaah i loved so much your first reaction haha ❤ you're doing great sweetie, don't u worry 🌸 so im here to ask too hehe, BTS mafia reaction to your being physically hurted by one of his men (not bts boys just like one of his bodyguards) on purpose? Like his men was trying to force you to kiss him or smth. Pls, hwaiting! ❤ ~leila

Aah, thank you sweetheart. You don’t know how much it means.

I hope this is what you had in mind. Here you go:

Sienna planted her hands on the table in the library, leaning down to eye level with the person sat there. “Unplug for two seconds, will you?” she said with a roll of her eyes, plucking an earbud out. “Headphones were designed so that you can listen to your own music without annoying everyone else, but clearly you seem to want to pop your eardrums. Do us all a favor and lower your music before I cut the wire in half, okay?”