leightonmeesterfashionstyle asked:

I think the reason I like your blog so much is because I can relate to it. Recovery is a struggle, but at least I know I'm not alone. Nothing about it feels pro anything to me, just a place for us to vent. Thank you for that. Also, I am keeping you, your sister, & all of your family in my thoughts & prayers. Don't focus on the past & things that you can't change or control. Focus on the fact that you had the strength to recover, & that you're trying your best everyday to be a role model. xx

leightonmeesterfashionstyle asked:

are your links not working, or is it just me...? regardless, i love your blog & thanks for posting all the tv links!

Ty! :D

All side pages have gone down on tumblr =_= I can access anyone’s pages and judging by the screaming going on over on twitter it’s not just me lol. The links will be back as soon as tumblr’s fixed