Thunderstorm (Part Two)-Leigh-Anne & Harry


WARNING: Terrible smut.

Harry groaned, frustrated, before moving so he was hovering over Leigh-Anne, legs on either side of her. He didn’t bother pinning her arms down, knowing there was no way she could escape anyway.

He leant down slowly, eyes locked with Leigh-Anne’s that held eagerness. Harry smirked and rubbed their noses together before leaning down further and pressing his lips to Leigh-Anne’s who’s arms immediately wrapped around his neck, clinging to Harry.

Leigh-Anne felt Harry smile into the kiss and she really wanted to pull away because he was being a cocky prick, but then his lips moved from her lips to her jawline and then to her neck where he started sucking.

A small moan elicited from Leigh-Anne’s lips, causing Harry to pull away and stare down at her. Leigh-Anne was so sure that Harry was going to say something egotistical and stupid, but he didn’t.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, surprising Leigh-Anne greatly, before leaning down and pressing another kiss to her lips.

They continued to kiss for a while, sweet and cute, until Harry decided to stick his tongue down her throat. Leigh-Anne made a noise of disapproval before pulling back and looking up at Harry who was smirking.

                “Not tonight,” Leigh-Anne said, sternly. Harry made a whining noise and leaned down to bury his face in her neck.

                “But Leigh-Leigh…” He trailed off, pressing a light kiss to her neck. Leigh-Anne refused to enjoy the feeling.

                “Don’t pretend you don’t like it,” Harry whispered, his warm breath hitting Leigh-Anne’s neck. “And I’ll pretend that I don’t.”

                With that Harry fully attached his lips to Leigh-Anne’s neck, nipping at the skin with his teeth every now and then.

Leigh-Anne tried and tried but she just couldn’t fight back the moan she elicited.

She could feel Harry smirking against her neck before he moved his mouth from her neck, up to her lips. As they kissed, Harry started tugging at the hem of the black singlet Leigh-Anne had on. She let out a breathy gasp before pulling away so Harry could pull the top off her completely.

Their lips reattached and they both started running their hands up and down each other’s bare torsos – Harry was shirtless to begin with.

Harry then placed Leigh-Anne back on her back and took a good look at her, admiring how beautiful his girlfriend was. He knew he could be cocky and jerky at times, but he really did love Leigh with all his heart.

Leigh-Anne made an impatient, whining sound and Harry snapped out of his thoughts, travelling his hand down to the waist of her baggy jeans. It was quite amusing how Harry was always walking around in the tightest jeans he could possibly fine, while Leigh-Anne was the complete opposite, always in baggy pants.

“You won’t be needing these,” Harry said before pulling the pants off easily. He then stared at his half-naked girlfriend.

“God, did I get lucky, or what?”

“Harry…” Leigh-Anne whined, “Enough flattery, just hurry up!”

Harry smirked once more but didn’t waste any time pushing her underwear to the side, and slowly entering her with his index finger.

A small moan escaped Leigh-Anne’s lips and she tried to keep her breathing normal as Harry entered a second finger. He then dipped his head, his curls brushing against the inside of Leigh-Anne’s thigh as he kissed and nipped with his teeth.

“Harry,” Leigh-Anne moaned/whined, “Enough teasing, just get to it!”

Normally Harry wouldn’t obey and just take extra-long with the foreplay, but for some reason that night he was feeling generous.

“Anything for you, babe,” he said, just so she didn’t realise he was suddenly being nice.

Leigh-Anne sighed but helped Harry rip off his tight, tight jeans. She could see the outline of his boner through his boxers, and that time she couldn’t help but smirk, “Well, well, well, somebody’s eager, aren’t they?”

Harry groaned in reply and reached over Leigh-Anne’s head to grab the box of condoms he had in his draw. Leigh-Anne always told him that he shouldn’t leave it in there because one day somebody’s going to find it, but he never really listened to her. It was such a wonder why they were even together.

Harry quickly pulled his boxers off and rolled one of the condoms on before throwing the box off the bed and giving Leigh-Anne a deep, passionate kiss.

One that she pulled away from because she couldn’t wait. “Harry! Just get the fuck in me! Now!”

And that surprised both Harry and Leigh-Anne because never had she ever been so eager for something Harry was giving her.

But Harry was just as eager, so he slammed right into her. He didn’t bother going at a slow pace, just getting straight into it. And Leigh-Anne seemed to be enjoying it – “Fuck, Harry, Fuck!” “Right there, baby!” “Ugh, fuck, Harry!” – so it wasn’t a bad idea.

Eventually Harry’s thrusts got sloppier, and Leigh-Anne felt her climax rising. “Harry, I’m-“

“Me too, babe,” Harry cut her off but Leigh-Anne didn’t care about the fact that he cut her off, or that he called her babe. She was too high up to be brought down – quite literally.

“Harry!” Leigh-Anne screamed before releasing. A few more thrusts and then Harry was spilling into Leigh-Anne, too.

He then collapsed on the bed, beside Leigh-Anne, and a few moments passed as the two just lay there, breathing heavy and bodies covered in sweat.

Eventually, Harry rolled over so he was staring right at Leigh-Anne, and said, “You do know I love you, right?” Leigh-Anne nodded.

“I know,” she said with a cheeky grin before leaning in, “And I love you, too.”

With that, they  both leant in and their lips met halfway in a kiss that lasted the whole night.

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