So Glory Days is, basically, we’ve been saying that these are the best days of our lives and we’re gonna look back on this when we’re really old and think “Wow, we had so much fun, we absolutely loved it and we had the best times of our lives.” I feel like we’re living our glory days now.

Glory Days storyline

Lyrics quote orders:
Your love
Nothing else matters
Beep beep
Private show
You gotta not
Nobody like you
Shout out to my ex
Down & dirty
No more sad songs
Luxurious loving like Egyptian cotton. If I ain’t got nothing least I got you. I wait with the top down, a million in the bank account. Deeper than ocean as sweet as devotion it’s all I need. You put me close and there’s no way I can describe. You love makes me feel like dirty dancing in the moonlight. That’s what your love makes me feel like. Your love makes me feel like come and kiss me like the first time. That’s what your love makes me feel like.
Sometimes you take it too fast going at the deep end, but no matter what the deal baby you know that I’ll be there. If we lost our way let the world start to creep in, can’t let nobody’s words be the why we ain’t speaking.
The thought of you is driving me wild. Cuz I love making love with you but I stuck on the 202. Won’t you help me? Just wanna fxxk you tonight.
Won’t you take it? I feel like for the first time I ain’t faking. Fingers on my buttons but now you’re playing. Master of anticipation, don’t you keep it all to yourself? Just a touch of your love is enough to knock me off of my feet. Just a touch of your love is enough to take control of my whole body.
You’re the only one who’s taking me home. Can’t wait to get in my zone. Who said we’re gonna go slow? Turn down the lights and watch my private show. You got the tickets for all. To get high we gotta get low. This is your private show.
I need a man, a man who can act like a man. So hear me now I ain’t pay for babysit no one. I’m out here looking for the one to love. I need a man, so hear me now.
You’re the man, but I got that power. You make rain, but I make it shower. You should know that I’m the one who’s in control. I let you come take the wind as long you won’t forget.
You don’t get these kisses for free. See I got two sides of me. The one you want your mother to meet, another one is a freak. No I can’t be tamed make you scream my name. I ain’t playing games no more. I pray that you never meet.
You’re dirty, disgusting, but I can’t get enough of your loving. Boy I hate you, really hate you. My momma said I shouldn’t date you. You cheating you lying. I know that you’re hiding two cellphones. But boy right before I say this is the end. You sweet talk me again, I don’t wanna be friends. Why am I such a fool when it comes to you? Fxxk you.
We won’t admit we’ve taken it too far. I know it’s love, cuz I will always be the first to start making up excuses when it hurts. I’m alone again, all I want is to feel again. There’s nobody like you. I’ve tried goodbye a hundred times but not one of them true. There’s nobody like you. I’m screaming I don’t want you but you know that I do. I wanna feel you in the dark but all you left with me were scares, that’s the hardest part.
This is a shout out to my ex. Heard him in love some other chick, yeah that hurts me I admit. Forget that boy I’m over it. I hope she’s getting better sex, hope she ain’t faking it like I did. Took four long years to call a quit. Forget that boy I’m over it. Guess I should say thank you for the hate you and the tattoo baby I do by the way. Unsure bout loved you anyway. Go head babe I’m living my life. Shout out to my ex, you really quite a man. You made my heart break and make me who I am. Here’s to my ex. Hey! Look at me now. I’m all the way up I swear you’ll never bring me down.
Yeah if we only got one night, forget about the world outside. Put your hands up real high, get down and dirty. I know you heard me. I don’t ask the mirror, I know I’m the fairest. I’m bringing the fire so call me daenerys. They wanna know who will sneaking in my place. They don’t need to know, no one business how I play.
I keep trying but nothing’s working, still wanna know if you’re alone. I keep trying to put this behind me, but still wanna know who’s taking you home. For tonight I’m going to get my mind off it. Don’t care that someone’s got his hands all over my body. Stay out all night and go where the music is loud so I don’t have to think about it. I’m begging please don’t play no more sad songs. Dancing with danger and talking to strangers. Don’t care where I go, just can’t be alone. They’ll never know me like you used to know me no. Going home take the long way round. Lights pass, sit back with the windows down. I still got you on my mind and starting to realise: no matter what I do, I will only hurt myself tryna hurt you. If I turn the music loud just to drown you out, I’m begging please don’t play no more sad songs.
It started with what’s up with you. I messed around and got caught up with you. I don’t know what to do. I’ve got these feelings like it’s nothing new, now I can’t get enough with you. When I think about the way you touch my body, I don’t know how long I can wait. This could be my biggest mistake. We messed around and had some good fun. Guess it turns out, I lost a good one. Now I’m wishing every morning come with you next to me baby. Oops my baby, you woke up in my bed. Oops we broke up, we’re better off as friends. Now I accidentally need you and I don’t know what to do. Oops baby I love you. If it was up to me, I would take the time machine to the day we said goodbye. So can we try again? We’re officially more than friends. No don’t you tell me goodbye.


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