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Name? Devon

Star Sign? Capricorn

Average hours of sleep? not enough

Lucky Number? 18

last thing i googled? German Shepherd Husky Mix

favorite fictional character? Lesile Knope or Ron Swanson

what are you wearing right now? a tank top and sweatpants from PINK

when did you start this blog? May 2011

amount of followers? 1,028

what do i mostly post? food, animals, quotes, people

do i run anymore blogs? no

why did i join tumblr? i wanted to connect with a lot of 1D fans

do i get a lot of asks? not really

why did i choose this URL? it’s a lyric from one of my all time favorite songs, “Ships in the Night” by Mat Kearney

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anonymous asked:

what are some mascots you'd like to see?

oooh, definitely tyler posey aka the actual loml. victoria moroles, zendaya, normani, ally brooke, keke palmer, vanessa hudgens, nick robinson, rami malek, john boyega, leighanne pinnock, jade thrilwall, jesy nelson, bryshere grey, lily collins, alfie enoch, or zoe kravitz ! most of these are p underused, in my opinion.

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