That performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden was absolutely incredible. The vocals, the dancing, everything. Before the show I was worried about James asking Perrie about Zayn, but he did it in a respectful and classy way, and their responses were perfect. 

They all looked great and they all seem extremely happy, which is awesome. I’m so happy for and proud of these girls. <3

Zayn stans

Are STILL bitching about perrie….it’s been almost a month now…


Like zayn is single..solo..you would think Y'all would be happy.

Perrie doesn’t talk about him

But y'all still find y'all bitter immature asses into the little mix tag everytime somthing happens.

“Oh why is perrie crying? That relationship was pr and fake anyway…her crying is pr”

“Wow they won a teen choice award for breakout artists..even though they’ve been around for 4 years..flops”

“Zayn didn’t do anything wrong…black magic is wack..he’s right..”

Like.don’t.y'all.have.anything .better.too doo?

Why are Y'all still here? Filling the tag on their 4 year anniversary with your negative bullshit??

Get the fuck outta here man. Like y'all look soo fucking stupid blogging about someone you hate and who’s not even with your fav anymore. y'all don’t even see her face or little mix..unless you go looking for them.

Leigh-Anne Inspired Look:

-Use a matte foundation all over the face and blend down the neck

-Conceal any dark areas or unwanted blemishes

-Bronze the hollows of the cheeks and temples

-Apply a highlighter to the tops of the cheek bones and high points of the face

-Fill and shape the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil

-Sweep a matte brown shade into the crease to create definition

-Use a liquid eyeliner to create a wing

-Coat upper and lower lashes with mascara and finish off the eyes with full fluffy false eyelashes if desired

-Use a brown wine shade lipstick to finish off the look

And you’re done!