leigh metzler


Last year Zig and I followed vague directions from our Slovenian friends and found the strangely rideable ruins of an Austro-Hungarian military base. 

Super-8 film / editing / cameo by me, guest camera work Leigh Metzler, music by Purling Hiss and location scouting by Leon Zuodar ;)

Well well well… what do we have here. I know I’ve been absent from the blogsophere lately little buckies … but I gotta tell you … 2012 is turning out to be the best year ever for trips. Less blogging comes from more doing. See, I’ve been on the freelance tip, and leaving at the drop of a hat has never felt so right. I just came back from 5 days through New England in a 15 passenger van jam packed with yup, you guessed it, 15 dudes, and I gotta tell you, it sure feels nice to have some space of my own. Did you all have a nice Labor Day weekend? Are you mentally preparing for the long, cold, dark road ahead? Well here’s one from Nickstock 2012 this July, tubing down the river in Mechanicsburg, PA. As the saying goes … Endless Summer Forever …