leigh marklew

Tony & Mark have a [very big] giggle during the Take The Money & Run Interview - <3 <3 <3 [Most adorable & funny interview that you will ever see from any band, ever!]
So yes, it’s official, turns out that Terrorvision ARE my favourite band, not just in 2007 when I got into them, not just at the moment, in GENERAL. Other bands come & go but I always end up going back to these guys.
& I think it’s because not only is their music great but the guys themselves are wonderful, lovely & halarious!
They’ve always held a special place somewhere since 2007 when I completely fell in love with them, they’ve always been at the back of my mind & their songs always bring back good memories. Plus, the amazing night I had in Nottingham in May 2008 when I went to see them live <3

Then they go & release a new album last month & that was it, love reinforced! <3 & Four years on, their songs still make me feel the same way as when I first heard them & It’s made me realise that yeah, there may be better bands out there, but for me, these guys are the best! <3