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Six of Crows as musical

- Wylan would be the protagonist and the whole musical is about him developing from this good mercher’s son to this badass gang member
- Jesper is one of the main reasons for the character development
- Jesper and Nina would sing all the jazzy songs
- Kaz would be that person who is all gloomy in the beginning and isn’t too fond of music but then discovers the joy music brings
- He learns to play the piano pretty quick and he’s a fucking genious
- Inej would sing all the slow songs accompanied by Kaz on the piano, if he’s in a good mood he might join in and sing aswell
- but mostly he just wants to listen to Inej sing because her voice is too angelic and so damn pure
- Matthias doesn’t like joining in the singing but sometimes Nina can convince him to play the guitar
- Nina and Jesper love the dancing parts, all the others hate dancing


East of Eli ft. Chyler Leigh - Wonderful Tonight (cover) 


East of Eli ft. Chyler Leigh - Child’s Play / Message in a Bottle (cover)

Chyler’s so adorable…I had paper bag carrying some stuff (cause I didn’t have anything else). When I got up to her and Nathan, she was like “Oooh what’s in the bag?” I set it down mumbling “Nothing.” She smiled and was like “Oh I thought maybe it was donuts and I got excited there for a sec.” 

They’re both so welcoming and they greet you like they know you. It was an incredible experience.

Tenía razón. Lo sabía. Esa cosa frágil y encantadora que había existido entre nosotros, ahora le pertenecía a dos personas diferentes, personas que no estaban atadas por deber o responsabilidad, y ya no estaba segura de qué quedaba.
—  Sombra y hueso, Leigh Bardugo.