leigh inspired

I thought there could be
no worse pain than
losing you
until I looked in the mirror
and did not recognize
the girl crying over a boy
who never shed a tear.

that was the most
painful feeling of all–
realizing I gave you the power
to change me.

—  by shelby leigh

Still reading Six of Crows but I had the urgent need to draw Nina Zenik in a red dress so here you go :)

Also changed my name to the one I use on instagram and added a watermark cause apparently signing is not enough. Guys please, always ask the artist first if you want to repost something of theirs!

me, talking about myself:
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me, talking about how proud i am of jesy nelson and how much her confidence has grown over the past few years and how she truly makes the world her runway and how she’s not afraid to be herself and how selfless and hilarious she is and how soothing and raw her beautiful voice is and how she absolutely KILLS every performance and how i would die for her:
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I hope one day
you will regret
pushing me so hard
that you fell backward
from your own force.

(you are the cause of your demise.)

—  by shelby leigh
when you wrapped
my heart in your hand
I thought it was for safekeeping.
I didn’t expect you to be
the one to drop it.
—  and you stepped on it too, by shelby leigh

I just want to send a message of Hope and inspiration right now, as there is a lot of negativity going around within the fandom right now.

I will not
just because
you held me
—  a ten word story by shelby leigh
Accept yourself: flaws, quirks, talents, secret thoughts, all of it, and experience true liberation.
—  Amy Leigh Mercree