leigh faulkner


“In the opening moments of Streetcar you see the little girl that was suddenly dumped with the nuns. You see that lost look when she’s looking for Stella. She says, ‘Stella, Stella, Stella’, she wants her sister. What Vivien told me she was saying is, ‘Mother, Mother, Mother’ and that moment on the screen is so alive and that performance of Streetcar is so wonderful because there’s so much of Vivien in it, of what Vivien suffered.“ -Trader Faulkner


With a loud click and an even louder buzzing sound, the very bright fluorescent lights come to life, lighting up in rows, starting from Lawrence’s end and moving towards Adam. As they come on, Adam is nearly blinded by the sudden change from pitch black to bright white and squints in pain, holding up his arms to cover his face. // THE SAW SCRIPT //


 “On some days, writing is wonderful. On the days when it is wonderful, it feels like you are the God of a universe that the rest of the world is not yet privy to. And then on some days, it is not wonderful; those days when nothing is coming and the cursor seems to be openly mocking you, blinking out ‘YOU SUCK AT WRITING AND YOU’RE UGLY AS BALLS’ in Morse code.”
- Leigh Whannell