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Hey guys, so I’ve been wanting to do a Badass Female edit for awhile, so I hope you enjoy this edit!

Slasher Girls and Monster Boys selected by April Genevieve Tucholke

Just when I thought that I had seen pretty much everything YA had to offer, I read this book. Normally, I don’t even like short stories but because of the horror element within each story, I was quickly engaged and couldn’t stop reading. This is a perfect book for somewhat non-committal horror reading for fall.

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So that speech she gave 3000% reminded me of being a closeted LGBT kid at school. And then those looks her and blake exchanged in the present and past, I’m honestly finding it extremely hard to believe this subtext is unintentional. Cherami Leigh did such an excellent job with the delivery of her lines. I still wish RT would be more blatant with their queer characters, instead of dancing around the subject.

The facts: It has just been reported from several sources that Melissa has filed a divorce from her almost 2-year marriage with husband, Blake Jenner. The reason, the Supergirl star stated, is because of “irreconcilable differences”. She has asked for the court to remove the “Jenner ” from her name and refused to give Blake spousal support. The divorce has just been filed months shy of their 2nd anniversary

For the fandom: Please, this is not just a laughable matter, not something for those trite “2016 sucks” jokes. Melissa is a very hardworking and career oriented woman as well as someone who is bright and kind. She has done so much, hell - she saved lives! Also, she has been an inspiration to many of us, encouraging us to be better people, to pay it forward and bring each other to love each other, and most importantly, ourselves. She is an icon for the girls and women who dream of being as strong and as empowered themselves. We are truly blessed to have her.

I agree this has been a dwanky and cruel year, and some might want to project their frustration by bullying or being overly-obsessive with their fav’s lives. However, her lacking aninomity does not make her less of a person. We do not own her, even if it feels we’re practically friends with her. Don’t bully her and victim blame her, we don’t at all know the details. Don’t hurt her at all, actually. Whatever happened is not any of our business. Messages of support are welcome.

She needs time, she needs space, she needs rest. See, being in a fandom not only means that we consume content, it also means supporting the show, be it cast, plot, relationships, etc. It is not yet the new year, but it is never too early to give back.

(I just remembered there is a fandom that stans the “Jennoist” relationship, for the love of whatever deity, please, please continue to love and appreciate, don’t diss her because they are separated, respect her as you have respected her when together with Blake)

Just got this in the mail!! I’m super excited to be creeped out by this book I mean can we look at the cover