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He's right, you know. The wage gap is a lie. And if you wish to offer evidence countering that from a non-biased source, I'd like to see it.

here’s some good evidence i hope yer ready tis gonna be real thorough 

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So the people in my family keep telling me I need to grow up and stop being such a fangirl or I will never find love or really be a adult I know you are in the fandoms and I could use some reassurance that it's OK to be 16 and a fangirl

i’ll start off by saying it’s 100% okay and awesome to be ANY AGE and fangirl. 
(Though I have to say, there’s something specifically upsetting about scolding a 16 year old  for being a fangirl - it’s usually pretty socially accepted when it comes to teenagers. I tend to see older folks get the raised eyebrows for obsessing over things.)  

Little story: A few months ago I found an old photo of my aunt from her teenage years- it was a sort of collage she made so it looks like she took a photo with the Beatles- A vintage manip if you will. One of the cutest things i’ve seen.
So, I’m 100% sure some of those members of your family were huge geeky fans of something themselves. 

As you can tell from this harsh harsh world, people will always give you shit for liking the things you like. (more often then not because they might be ashamed of liking those things too!!) Stand strong and be true to yourself, and own it! 

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Who do you think is more evil in the MCU, Kilgrave or Loki?

it doesn’t work that way.
there’s no “evil scale” that sums up your wrong deeds and gives you a score. 
not to mention these are inherently different characters, different types of bad, villains from separate type of stories. 

Loki is a bit of a cartoon villain- he’s foppish, larger than life, elegant and hilarious: designed to make you adore him even though he does some serious high level criminal shit. That’s obviously fine because it’s a cinematic tool- you feel for that character. He isn’t a scary villain but an identifiable one. He feels, he wants approval, you see him love and mourn. That’s very human. on the other hand- he betrays, tricks and hates with a scary passion.

Kilgrave IS terrifying. He resides in a more grounded, realistic atmosphere, he is closer to reality and isn’t sugar coated. True, during SOME scene you almost feel SOMETHING for the character because he’s given some depth with a back story (which is good storytelling), but at no point do you root for him really- his actions have a gravity that darkens the whole show. 
He lacks anything that makes us human- empathy, connection, understanding- that’s a very scary thing. while loki is highly emotional, Kilgrave lacks it. 

A lot of what makes a villain is in characters’ reactions to it. 
Loki could even kill twice or three times the people he did- but as long as the Avengers call him a full tilt diva and a bag of cats you can’t take him and his actions seriously. not really. He’s not a real threat.

But with Kilgrave? holy shit. He took a guy’s jacket in the subway and THAT’S told like a fucking ghost story. For the first few episodes you almost don’t even get to see him- but knowing him through Jessica made you piss your pants in that scene where he walks into someones house and made them make him dinner, didn’t it? 

Does this perspective make Kilgrave more evil? As I said- doesn’t work that way. not when the whole concept  of each show was created very differently.
I can say this: Jessica Jones is a show in which the villain is presented in certain way that makes us much more scared for our hero. 
If that’s “more evil” in your book go for it. I’d rather think of it as to complicated and different villains. 

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Hey Leigh! I accidentally spoiled Game of Thrones for my friend ! >-< Now she won't talk to me anymore and keeps threatening me with the fandom court for Got spoilers - and since you are kind of the fandom supreme judge, would you tell her in your answer below that you pardon me, pretty please? Alice, who adores your work!

By the old and new fandom gods, you are forgiven <3
Let everyone know alice is pardoned and her friend may forgive her as well.