leigh anne au meme


You’re best friends with Little Mix, and Harry Styles tells Zayn he has feelings for you. When Zayn passes this information on to the girls, they are first hesitant to let anything happen, because they don’t want to see you get hurt. But, after talking it through, the girls decide not to intervene, and to instead be prepared in case you do get hurt, creating their own “(Y/N) Defense Squad.”

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AU meme: Famous Youtuber Perrie Edwards (aka officialperrie) is known for her obsession over girl-band Little Mix. Members tweeted about her on twitter so she decided to ask them to go on tour with them and make videos because lots of her subscribers love them too. Girls and their management said yes, so now is Perrie having the best few weeks in her life with them on tour.


AU MEME: After the Winter Solstice, a band of citizens is granted powers. They’re not exactly the most reliable source of protection in the city, but they try.

“You’re trying to tell me that the city’s actually under attack or something?” Leigh anne asked, looking around at all of them and receiving nothing but pleading looks and silence from everyone.

“You’ve been having dreams, haven’t you?” Zayn hummed, voice sounding directly next to Leigh even though the spot next to her remained seemingly empty.

Louis pushed forward and the others backed away obligingly, eyeing the small flames that’d started to run up his fingers. “We’re not going to stand here and beg you all day. We’ve figured it out before; we’ll figure it out again.”

Perrie was making vines grow around her own ankles in anxiety and JJ was watching Leigh as if he knew just how afraid she was. This superhero thing scared her. They scared her. But she figured she scared other people countless times when she was younger and went around telling people when their pets would die.

Leigh sniffed in resolution, raising her head to look at them all once again. Jesy and Luke nodded at her simultaneously in encouragement. “I told my mum I’d be home for dinner this weekend. If we die, I’m blaming all of you.”

Calum whooped in happiness, wrapping an arm around her shoulders, frost settling like a blanket beneath his fingers.

Josh smiled, albeit nervously and afraid of how they could ever find a way to eliminate one of the strongest people in the world. “Let’s go.”