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SIX OF CROWS |  “You may still die in the dregs.”


The Brown Derby was a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles. The first and most famous of these was shaped like a man’s derby hat. The second Hollywood Brown Derby was opened on Valentine’s Day 1929 at 1628 North Vine Street.
Clark Gable is said to have proposed to Carole Lombard there.
The episode “LA At Last” of I Love Lucy show was filmed in it.
Like its Wilshire Boulevard counterpart, it was the home of hundreds of celebrity caricatures.

“On the day that Laurence Olivier left for New York, he spent the afternoon on the set of Gone with the Wind. Ten minutes before he had to leave for his plane, he kissed Vivien Leigh, turned her back toward him and said, ‘Please don’t look round now.’ He walked off the set backwards and somewhat spoiled the dramatic effect by tripping over a cable.” – Sheilah Graham

Vivien Leigh had three wedding rings during her marriage to Laurence Olivier. The first one, given to her in the California ceremony, was last sitting in a cinema watching Les Enfants du Paradis. Olivier then gave her another ring, which was chased and which she wore all the time. “But I really wanted a plain gold one so he gave me a third ring inscribed, ‘This is the last one you’ll get. I hope.’” This, Vivien Leigh kept locked up in her jewel box- in case she lost it.

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I do not like Laurence Oliver, because he abandoned Vivien but as an actor for me, that's okay.

From what I know of their relationship, it sounded like Larry stayed with Vivien as long as he could and her mental instability eventually proved to be more than he could handle. I adore Vivien of course, but from some of the things that I’ve heard about her mental issues and from how much I know Larry loved Vivien, I don’t exactly blame him for leaving when he saw no other way to help her, especially considering that mental help back then was practically nonexistent.

Send me your most hated characters/celebrities and I’ll tell you if I hate them too or not!


The Lido is a cabaret and burlesque show located on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, France.
It opened in 1946. It is known for its exotic shows including dancers, singers, and other performers. Famous names have performed there including: Edith Piaf, Sylvie Vartan, Johnny Hallyday, Maurice Chevalier, Marlene Dietrich, Eartha Kitt, Josephine Baker, Elton John, Laurel & Hardy, Dalida, Shirley MacLaine, Mitzi Gaynor and Noël Coward.