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I certainly intended to get it, I may say. From the moment I read the book, I said, “I’ve got to play that,” and was laughed to scorn on it. And you certainly had a lot of competition. I certainly did…the day that I was tested for it, I remember the costumes being taken hot off somebody else’s body and put on mine. It was quite unpleasant. 

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What are some of your favorite Old Hollywood scandals?

Oh gosh, don’t even get me started! There are some really sad ones around, but most of these will be about sex. There’s a really good post somewhere with a ton of really juicy tidbits, I wish I could find it but I don’t remeber what I tagged it as. Most of these are from that! Anyway, here are a couple, I’m putting them under a cut because they’re kinda crude. I don’t know how true these are and I don’t know if they’re all “scandals” because most of them weren’t known to the public at the time, but here are some things that I have picked up over the years:

Thank you for this! I could go on and on and on if you like especially about the gays!

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Sir Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh greet Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller at London Airport on July 14, 1956.

(Original Caption) Sir Laurence Olivier and his wife, Vivien Leigh pose with playwright Arthur Miller and his bride, Marilyn Monroe, on the arrival of the latter pair on their arrival from New York, Saturday. Miss Monroe is scheduled to make a picture, ‘The Sleeping Prince’ with Sir Laurence Olivier which is to be made at Pinewood. Despite inclement weather, about 100 loyal fans turned out to welcome the American glamour girl and her husband.

“On the day that Laurence Olivier left for New York, he spent the afternoon on the set of Gone with the Wind. Ten minutes before he had to leave for his plane, he kissed Vivien Leigh, turned her back toward him and said, ‘Please don’t look round now.’ He walked off the set backwards and somewhat spoiled the dramatic effect by tripping over a cable.” – Sheilah Graham