I’ve been slacking on posting the #horror we’ve been watching! #DevilTimesFive is a weird and amazing story of 5 annoying killer kids with zero extraordinary powers who manage to outwit a bunch of unpleasant adults. Weird and uncomfortably long slo mo scenes are in abundance. Starring a super young #LeifGarrett #70sHorror @atxmunkee


Is it just me or does teen me look like the female version of teen Leif Garrett? Haha. He’s old enough to be my father but he kind of looks like he’s my male twin from a different generation. LOL.

My hair got curlier when I got older. I used to blow dry it as a teen too. I also used to wear make-up over my birthmark back then because I was insecure about it.


Happy Birthday Cinny Winny Rea
You Young Chickie
..of Six_ _??You! #cmrea #cindyrea #LeifGarrett
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