Aces of Bioware

or, brooke is in way over her head

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Asexual headcanons, ocs, fic, creators, all of it. There’s an astounding lack of visibility for asexuality within fandom, so this is an attempt to counter that, to encourage and share all the lovely ace content that exists!

It’s also a way to create more of a community and to help people find ace content. This whole thing started because I really, really want to find some asexual Shepards. Submissions/content doesn’t have to necessarily focus on asexuality, either. Whether it’s a fic with a clear discussion of a character’s asexuality or an edit of your ace oc in a flower crown, it belongs here!

On aro content: there’s already been some interest, and I’d been considering doing something similar for aro content but. I’m ace, not aromantic, and I’d really feel a lot better with someone who is aromantic heading this up. I’m willing to set up the blogs and get it started, but I’d rather not tackle it by myself.

I’m working to get more specific posts lined up on each of the individual blogs, so we can start submissions and get content posted!

Here’s the downside: I need help. I’ve set up the blogs, I’ve got a tagging system and submission guidelines in place, but I need help with the upkeep. There is no way I can manage all three blogs by myself. If you’d be willing to help out, you can message me or whichever blog you can help with!

Please help spread this!