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¿Que poeta has leido ultimamente que ha atrapado tu atencion? alguien nuevo que te haya seducido

He estado aún más inmersa en Anne Sexton, y nunca deja de desconcertarme y cautivarme. Nueva en mi lectura, Mary Oliver. Me tiene encantada esa mujer.


Me alegra muchisimo que sigan recordando esta historia que tanto amé escribir y seguir recibiendo aun despues de tanto tiempo de haberla terminado, tanto dibujitos como estas hermosas portadas >u< muchas gracias a TheYisusLpzAt y a Jane(/^▽^)/

Y aprovechando las portadas un poco de spam con el link a la historia para quienes no la hayan leido :D


Lo que yo he leído.... ¿Será que alguno les gusta?

Romeo y Julieta.
El caballero de la armadura oxidada.
El diablo en la botella.
Mientras llueve.
Las travesuras de la niña mala.
El perfume.
12 cuentos peregrinos.
Crónica de una muerte anunciada.
La llave maestra.
A sangre fría.
El fantasma de manhattan.
Verónica decide morir.
Los hombres que no amaban a las mujeres.
La chica que soñaba con una cerilla y un bidón de gasolina.
La reina en el palacio de las corrientes de aire.
La cabaña del tío Tom.
La ladrona de libros.
El niño.
El diario de Ana Frank.
Bajo la misma estrella.
Cianuro espumoso. (Es la primera de las numerosas novelas de Agatha Christie que he leído y las recomiendo todas en general.
El tren de las 4.50.
Asesinato en el Oriant Express.
Matrimonio de sabuesos.
La sirenita.
Blanca nieves y rosa roja.
El guisante y la princesa.
(Entre otros. No todos los cuentos son como los pintan en las películas)
El holocausto.
50 sombras de Grey.
Actos de fe.
Historia de Karen.
El cuaderno de maya.

El principito. El fantasma de canterville. El túnel.

Seguro se me escapa alguno más ahora mismo…

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You don't maybe answer this for several days but when you have read the latest chapter (794) could you share your thoughts about it?

returningrevolutionary​ said: SENPAI OYE SENPAi no se si as leido el chapter de hoy pero ay Dios mio. No Puedo creer q nadie penso en eso. Q todos estavamos como que el Esta en una mision larga o en un lugar lejos y por eso no fue para la gerra

Anonymous said: what’s your thoughts about 794???

Ok so I finally get to answer this, even better now that I’ve read Viz’s official translation. Boy will this be long xD

I have several opinions about this chapter, I was surprised, a bit disappointed and happy with what we learnt so I’m a bit torn here.

When it comes to plot, it is pretty cliché to use amnesia as the main cause for Sabo’s absense in the story and the Paramount war, but it makes a lot of sense given the hints we’ve had so far. I don’t know if you’ve read an ask I replied sometime ago about this matter (link) but as you can see there, the newspaper scene made me think Sabo couldn’t have known about the war thus he found out when it was too late, I left plenty of reasons as of why I thought that scene was key to this issue, and I was kinda right about that, but of course instead of being uncommunicated, Sabo didn’t know his own brother was the center of the war until it was too late.

I understand why Oda used amnesia and I dare say he planned it ahead -given the hints-, but I was disappointed because it is a very easy way to solve it. My disappointment is mainly because this means Sabo stayed in the army just because he happened to be rescued by Dragon (and it was a bit too convenient he only knew he didn’t want to come back to his parents), I’m sure that with time he came to share Dragon’s view and goals thus he even went up ranks to become the chief of Staff but what I really wanted for him was to consciously choose to be a revolutionary given his past. Child Sabo had a big impact on me when I read Luffy’s flashback, he brought me to tears when he said “I’m ashamed to be born a noble”, I was SO eager to see him understand his destiny was to fight to change the world instead of becoming a pirate after meeting Dragon, to struggle between choosing not to meet his brothers to protect them because he was a revolutionary (hence even more dangerous than a pirate) …but well…instead we got him without a glimpse of the hardships he went through as a kid, which in my opinion, are a HUGE part of him and should be the main reason why he joined the army. I don’t know, this is like having 2 different Sabos now, I’m curious about his personality before he recovered his memories.

I wasn’t very happy with Koala’s comment… it’s like his whole life Sabo was in the army just because he didn’t have any memories, I know that’s most likely not the case but it takes a bit of his determination as a revolutionary, ya feel me?

I’m trying to be positive tho, in any case I like to think Dragon told him how they met and that it was better he didn’t remember his past, given the conditions in which Dragon found him and his words about Goa Kindgom’s royal and noble families. I still stand by the opinion that they both are very close, specially because he didn’t even turn when the revolutionaries said Dragon was Luffy’s father, so maybe he knew Dragon was a parent, and also how the first thing he wanted to do when he woke up was talking with Dragon.

But anyway aside that, the scene where Sabo read the newspaper broke my heart and was worse than I thought :’) going ill for 3 days…that was such a big shock of course it’s understandable he regained his memories because of it… the poor thing ;-; (even if it shouldn’t really be the case as Cal pointed out)

When the safety of Iva was brought up I could only imagine Sabo hurrying to call him after Dragon and them spoke, to ask about Luffy’s fate.

(nice, we got confirmation that Sabo has been the chief of Staff for at least 2 years, it’s hard to know how and when he became famous enough to be recognized by the likes of Doflamingo’s subordinates tho)

I’m not entirely sure those 3 are Hack, Sabo and Koala (specially because Hack should look bigger?) so maybe they went with more revolutionaries? also it’s cool seeing them wearing cloaks :3

I was SO happy we got to see the entire scene of Lu and Sabs meet at the colosseum, Luffy’s reactions were the best and it hurt so much to see him say “I saw Ace die before my eyes” it’s rare to see Luffy speaking about it, but now you can say how much it still hurts him to think about it…

Sabo’s words couldn’t have been better, that was probably what Luffy wanted to say too, I was really really happy with the meeting ;v; (and I’m sure Sabo was trying very hard not to cry there and ultimately gave up after Luffy left)

I was also a bit disappointed Sabo left without saying goodbye to Luffy but it is true that he has to go as soon as possible because of the CP0 (and well, he’s in charge of his men too, he can’t leave them waiting for too long and the baby bro is exhausted) also, I kinda wanted more insight of the revolutionary Army in general (at least a call with Dragon because remember, they went to finish Doflamingo’s weapon production, not smile) but guess Oda wants that for later.

THIS THO! that’s the official translation and I’m just…TOO surprised?? like, you’re supposed to need fingernails to make vivre cards so how did Sabo manage to had it made? I very much doubt he had the time to do it after meeting Luffy that same day? so…unless Dragon had some fingernails from baby Luffy I have no idea how is this possible XD but it’s huge and now our Luffy has a vivre card, that’ll be important in the plot later I’m sure. And as much as this scene parallels Ace’s, now that we know that’s actually Luffy’s vivre card there’s no way Sabo will suffer the same fate than Ace.

(I got an specific question about the crows so I’ll talk about it there)

So well, I may not be a fan of the amnesia deal but I accept it and agree that it makes a lot of sense, it doesn’t take as much of Sabo’s character now that he’s regained his memories but I do think he had more potential.

(it makes this scene a bit darker tho, the following days after he regained his memories should have been hell for him :I )

It’s sad that he and the army are gone now and we won’t see them in a while, I wanted more interactions between Koala and Robin, Hack and Usopp and Sabo and Luffy but we can’t have it all I guess (isn’t it cool how Zoro is the only one who actually got to know Ace AND Sabo?) however I did not expect an entire chapter explaining Sabo’s story so I’m very glad about that, despite everything it was a good closing chapter for the army’s cameo in the manga, hopefully we’ll get a cover story soon!

Thank you all for asking my opinion about this (: you don’t have to agree of course

Ok esto esta todo mal... Ya basta.

Ok se que quizas esto lo escriba ya algo tarde y todo pero igual lo hago, me he enterado el motivo por el cual Samuel se va a mudar de casa en España. Quizas digan que lo ha dicho en un episodio de PV pero yo con la universidad, el trabajo y el resto de cosas pues ya no puedo ver todos sus videos y solo medio puedo ver APM asi que he leido que se muda por seguridad de sus padres.

Ok, que es lo que sucede? Que es eso de ir hasta su casa, llamar por telefono y acosarle? Si, yo en anteriores post he dicho que ubico donde vive el y todo pero asi yo viviera en el mismo lugar NI LOCA iria en plan acosadora a esperarlo o tocar la puerta!! Entiendo que se emocionan al pensar que le tienen cerca pero esa no es la forma, mierda! Samuel se estresa y se asusta porque, como dice mi mama, nunca falta un loco o uno que se quiere hacer el chistoso y hace alguna estupidez!!

Yo opino que aparte de mostrarle nuestro apoyo por todo esto deberiamos decirle que se tome un tiempo, no seamos egoistas, no nos vamos a morir si Samuel no sube videos una semana o si no se conecta en las redes, yo opino que debemos dejarlo descansar y que disfrute un tiempo sin youtube y sin redes sociales y no hacer que se preocupe sino que disfrute.

Muchos incluso han empezado con sus boberias de que se ha peleado con Willy porque ya no viviran en L.A., ellos dijeron desde un principio que seria temporal, llevan ya mas de un año alla si no me equivoco y pues aparte de ser cansado es feo estar en otro continente lejos de tus familiares asi estes con tu mejor amigo/posible novio(?), pues no es lo mismo.

Asi que por favor, dejen de crear salseo del malo diciendo que se han peleado y se van a vivir lejos el uno del otro y aparte dejen eso de andar de acosadores jodiendole la vida a Samuel y a su familia, no crean que se le hace facil el ser famoso, ha de ser hasta cansado para su familia el salir quizas a la calle y vengan tropecientos fans a interrumpir a cada segundo, entiendo que quieren una fotito quizas o algo pero tambien hay que respetar!

Descansen y dejen el salseo un rato que al unico que estamos lastimando es a Samuel y se supone que a el lo queremos, no?

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Holaaa Acuario (mujer) y Capricornio (hombre)? he leido que tienen baja compatibilidad pero me puedes dar consejos de como hacer que funcione?:( esque estamos andando y quiero saber que hacer para que esto siga funcionando, gracias, amo tu blog <3

Necesitas paciencia y tolerancia.
Y un objeto punzocortante.

Afrodita 💘

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No seas tan levantá de raja, ¿por qué tan a la defensiva? hay críticas constructivas y en una de esas entra la ortografía pq tienes mala ortografía, de vd tus dibujos se verían mucho más bonitos con un buen escrito. Saludos Lalalú.

La cosa aquí no es que yo sea levantada de raja, como dices tú. La cosa es que si me como una tilde porque estuve más preocupada de pintar bien una cosa, todos pierden la cabeza. El dibujo por el que todos alegan claramente no tiene faltas y es simplemente que lo han leido mal. Y lo de menos para mi son los escritos, los pongo porque se ven bonitos para mi, a mi lo que me interesa es dibujar, si uno se come alguna tilde o lo que sea pucha, es un error minimo no tienen para que alegar tanto y después andar tratandome mal porque si, o porque respondo mal cuando digo que una wea no está mal escrita porque claramente no lo está.