Directo del rubius en twich

Min 31:10
X: Has visto a vegetta sin camiseta?
R: No…bueno si *mira para arriba con cara de placer*

Min 32:37
X: Wigetta es real?
R: *levanta los brazos en plan no digo nada y se rie*

Min 34:37

X: Manda saludos a #TropaRubelangel y #WigettaSquad *desaparece de la pantalla*
R: Saludos #TropaRubelangel y he leido algo de wigetta ahi …esperate… #WigettaSquad NO #WigettaSquad NADA #TropaRubelangel FOR LIFE xD

Ajjajaj rubius plis xd jajajajaj hasta el apoya rubelangel xD rubelangel es real vieja, y como no dijo nada de wigetta “quien calla otorga” 7u7♥ ajjajajajaj

No armen bardo men ambos ships son la polla!♥

“Well I was supposed to be getting you to like my friend but,” Sapphire smiled. “I think I’ve fallen for you by accident.” She looked down at Ruby’s lips.

Ruby felt her heart flutter. “Really? Me too,” She looked up at plump lips; bringing her eyes back to light blue ones. “I really want to kiss you…But there a two problems; I don’t know how-”

“We can learn,” Sapphire leaned in; she could feel the younger girls breathe on her lips.

Ruby leaned away; catching Sapphire by the shoulders when she kept leaning forward. “And I don’t want to do it in front of those perverts,” She motioned to Amethyst and Jasper.

Sapphire pouted.

Chapter 4: The Beach
Love, Baseball and Ballet

Cuando Willy y Vegetta andan de amorosos

Primero a la cama :vv

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Despues unos besitos 

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Fuera ropa 

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Se dedican unas palabras… 

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Deja volar la imaginacion…

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sigue la fiesta en la ducha… 

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y finalmente… dormir juntos z4

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Obvio no son ellos pero.. solo imaginatelo <3 (lo siento eh leido muchas novelas wigettiles :vv)  espero no lo vean ellos y si lo hacen ya que. z4