<SHARING> Leica X2 White - ‘Paper Skin Fedrigoni’ edition

Announced a couple of days ago is a special ‘Paper Skin Fedrigoni’ edition white Leica X2 that does away with the traditional leather band on the body in favor of a special ‘paper skin’ and will only be produced in a 25-model run.

We won’t pass judgement on the looks of the camera — inevitably some will find it gorgeous while others will think otherwise — but Leica is certainly proud of their creation. They used specially treated paper called ‘Constellation Jade’ that they claim is better than even the best leathers. It’s acetone resistant, abrasion resistant and can withstand temperatures between -40 and 158°F.

And to top it all off, the final product is placed in book-style packaging to complete the “brand experience” they’re going for. Feast your eyes:

Via: FEDRIGONI Deutschland & Österreich & PetaPixel

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