It’s almost full moon on this 12th day of the 7th month in the lunar calendar. The moon reflected in the Han Jiang river 韩江 near Songkou 松口 jetty where, like my paternal great-grandfather, many Hakkas left this mountainous and impoverished part of eastern Guangdong province to set sail for Nanyang 南洋 at the turn of the last century. They sailed on boats to Shantou 汕头 and then into the South China Sea for Malaya or Indonesia.
My grandfather – in 1948 – came back through this town, having been deported by the British from Malaya. Less than a year later became imprisoned as a Communist cadre in this town by the Kuomintang, and later taken away and executed. #songkou #meixian #松口 #梅县 #roots #下南洋 #family #history #migration #sonyA7 #leicasummicron @viiphoto

My Outlet. (2/52) My Leica and Me.

Everyone has an outlet.

Some are healthier than others, some are unconventional, some are juvenile, some are obscene. Mine, is working out- running, specifically.

For some reason, my right knee isn’t all that great. I have to get it checked out, and I know shouldn’t keep putting it off, but I do, and it’s bad. I plan on running a few 5k’s this year, so it’s going to have to get looked at soon. 

For those minutes I do run, I feel excellent. It’s a release. Everyone needs a release. Sometimes I jack the incline up and do a light jog uphill, feel the burn in my quads. Sometimes I keep the incline low but jack my pace up to a 6:15 or 6:30 mile and get a long stride going. Either way, these shoes (which are EXCELLENT in every way, shape, and form, as a side note) have been my outlet for the past few weeks. What’s yours?