The nerd in me loves the nerd in you
The museum of your passion and feeling
That got me pining over your back like it’s a new thing for me, like it’s the new love when it’s ancient

You, are destructive
I, am about to make a pile out of your beautiful ruins
and surround myself with them like it’s normal
You, sadden me like an endless echo.

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To tell you the truth

I scribbled every paper I ever had, filled it with our memories
Calling madness, because no amount can match up my gory mind
I searched for an embodiment of what we really are in other pairs
Came across few that come close, but never really the same
When one stoops low before the other, not knowing the jeopardy of inequality

To tell you the truth

As ashamed as I being caught naked, I flat out my bare feelings now
So you can get a relief even though your mind refuses to believe
Yet again, apologies for never really making you feel like you are enough

To tell you, the truth

I love you like a lost cause

I get so diffused, confused, like sugar in hot water
Hoping the next time around we’re holding hands
I can stop being so judgmental about the walking paradigms around
And just love the parts in me that love your soul
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