At the door, Strasbourg, August 2013.

At first, I was trying to make something out of the flowers and the orange background reflecting on the top of the black car in front of the restaurant. Then I noticed the waiter was there, sitting just behind the window. I waited for him to go behind the bar. I snapped one to be sure, he noticed me. Left his bar to walk towards me asking “what are you doing?”. Not that angry, but not that happy. It was already late, I had finished work around 8 30. Night was about to fall, people are more nervous to be photographed by someone they don’t know in the dark.

So I shot this last one before getting closer, to explain and show him what I’m doing. He turned to be the nicest man possible.

First lesson: I should have tried to gor for one more, as I’m a bit bothered by the framing. I’d like the up right yellow window to be framed in black as the red one in the up left corner.

Second lesson: speak and get closer to people who react negatively to you snapping photos. Don’t turn your back on them.