leica iiic

Doesn’t like the cold - shot this with the ‘49 Leica IIIc and a Leitz Summitar lens on Fuji Acros. I believe the odd light leak is from the shutter slowing in the extreme cold ( -25). The house is one of unique design on the Niagara Parkway between Niagara Falls and Fort Erie.

Pushed - with the thermometer close to -20, I decided to try something I haven’t done before ….. “push” a roll of film. I loaded the the Leica IIIc with Ilford HP5+ 400 asa and shot it at 800 asa. This particular frame was shot with a Steinheil 85mm f2.8 lens at f4 1/200 sec. The subject another German Rangefinder - my Walter Voss Diax IIb with Schneider lenses ( a 50mm f2.8 on the camera and the 135mm f4 beside it). One interesting difference between the Leica and the Diax - the Diax uses a leaf shutter rather than a focal plane shutter and is as quiet as the Leica.

I like the look of the image, it has that old nostalgic feel to it. Will definitely have to push some more films to see how they look.