“No matter how much I would like to today, I will not punch a Nazi”

( I would like to share with you what my dear friend and fellow minister Reverend   Kakuyo Leibow had shared with his sangha recently in wake of the Charlottesville happening. I know some of you may dislike this, but at the very least please read what has been written, consider this. With this teaching I do agree, but I will add, I won’t punch a Nazi first, but if a Nazi is going to try to punch me, or more importantly someone else, I will do what I must to prevent harm. - Shinyo )

Though the title is trite, what I want to say is not. Since what happened this weekend in Charlottesville Virginia, I have been thinking of the young woman who was murdered standing up against hatred. Personally I think there should be more coverage of her. Do you know her name? What do you know about her? I am ashamed that I know more about what the president didn’t say then about her. I want to stand up against hate because of what happened to her, not because of what the president did or did not say. She is a victim of home grown terrorism and the manifestation of hatred here at home. Our hearts and compassion go out to her friends and family and to the other victims harmed that day. We stand untied with them. I want to share something with you that I wrote earlier about this event.

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