Her smile was radiant as Tatooine’s primary as she took his flesh hand and pressed it to the soft fullness of her belly. “He keeps kicking.”
“He?” Anakin asked mildly. “I thought you’d ordered your medical droid not to spoil the surprise.”
“Oh, I didn’t get this from the Emdee. It’s my…” Her smile went softly sly. “…motherly intuition.”
He felt a sudden pulse against his palm and laughed. “Mother intuition, huh? With a kick that hard? Definitely a girl.”

From Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, by Matthew Stover


Luke’s Lack of Perspective | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

My favorite piece of Carrie Fisher’s voice-over work.

Because you can tell she actually has, over the years, spent time thinking: “Um, yeah, why was Leia having to comfort Luke after the unspeakable horror she has just been through? Shouldn’t she be the grief-stricken mess?”

Leia’s (justified) bitterness at Luke is so amazing here.


Princess Leia Organa ooak doll by everenthia 

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Now you gotta do BenPoe and 27

27. “I’m Pregnant.”

They’d been married for less than a year when Poe decided that he wanted to start trying for a family. Ben had been quite enthusiastic about it from the start but Poe insisted that he didn’t want their child to be a ‘honeymoon baby’ like himself and Ben were. It never bothered Ben that he was born barely nine months after his parent’s wedding but to Poe it was an insult, he treated like he would if someone insulted his looks or worse, his flying skills.

But they did try. As often as they could, which was every time Ben wasn’t working with the General and Poe wasn’t out doing missions. They even made excuses for five minutes alone with each other and it wasn’t long before everyone on the base starting coping on to their intentions. Han pulled Ben aside one day and told him to be careful. “Pregnancies for male omegas can be risky,” he said and Ben cringed, not needing to hear that from his alpha father.

while Kes and Leia were more excited about the possibility of a grandchild, that didn’t stop them from voicing their concerns. Ben felt like he was twelve years old again and sitting in his bedroom getting that awkward talk about sex from C-3PO.  Poe just felt like he was too old for this. He was twenty-four years old, for maker’s sake, not some horny teenage alpha overdosed on rut hormones.

There was one particular time that Poe was called away on a long mission. Ben had started his heat just before he left so they managed to copulate once or twice (or three times) before he left for Shili. Ben was in agony waiting for him to come back, the first few days were fine but then as the weeks went by and there was no sign of the fleet’s return he started to get anxious.

He sat between his mother and uncle as they chatted nonchalantly to Jessika Pava. She was there in place of Poe who apparently was called off Shili in an emergency and placed elsewhere in the Galaxy. Jess couldn’t even tell them where Poe was and that only made Ben’s anxiety worsen. There was a slight shift in the force, he knew Poe was alive, but that didn’t stop him from suddenly feeling violently sick.

Luke ran after him, reaching the bathroom just in time to hold Ben’s hair out of his face as he retched into the toilet. It wasn’t a pretty scene by any means, but Luke still remained quite comfortably by Ben’s side until he felt alright to stand.

“How long?” Luke asked and Ben looked at him, knowing that he already knew.

“Too early for anyone else to suspect,” Ben replied weakly.

Luke handed him a glass of water and he took it, drinking it back in grateful amounts until there was nothing left.  “It’s a force sensitive thing. Your mother was able to bond with you even when Han wasn’t aware of her pregnancy … it was the same with me and Rey - and now you. You’re able to feel your child’s presence before anyone else. That’s quite a special relationship to have.”

Ben looked uncertain because even though he believed what Luke said he couldn’t feel his child as strongly as he would’ve liked. It was only a faint blur, an annoying one too, and he could feel all of his energy and force ability being put toward the neutering and caring of this thing in his womb. OK, maybe referring to his child as a thing wasn’t really a great start but he’d get there.

“I don’t think she’s force sensitive,” Ben said, putting a hand against his flat stomach.

“She?” Luke asked, “You’re so sure?”

Ben paused and took a moment to truly focus. It was hard when he still felt like throwing up most of his insides but he found some shared peace in the presence of family. “Yes, a daughter, I’ll have a daughter,” he said, envisioning a little girl with tanned skin, short brown hair and a pilot’s helmet propped against her side. Her father’s daughter, definitely. Ben saw nothing of himself in her. “She’ll be … a pilot, but she can wield a lightsaber without needing the force to guide her.”

Luke looked impressed but there was never a praise without warning. “Be careful when looking into the future, Ben,” he said. “Don’t let what’s uncertain guide you, instead let it play out as it will. Some surprises can be good, others can be - “


Luke and Ben turned around and there was Rey with a datapad in her hand and a worrying frown on her face.

“Rey,” Luke said softly. Ben simply gave her a nod in greeting and she returned the same. “What’s wrong?”

“Leia told me to find you. She said something’s after happening in the Anoat system and thought that Ben should know.”

“Is it bad?” Luke asked. Rey couldn’t answer him.

They ran back to the briefing room where Leia stood in front of the holo projector. In front of them was the Anoat system, but more specifically Anantapar, where they could see the remains of a ship that had been shot right out of flight.

“No,” Ben muttered, feeling a sudden tightness pressuring down on his chest. “Tell me that’s not …”

“Poe? No, Black Leader is okay but his ship was badly damaged. They’re taking him back to D’Quar, this is just the aftermath of the explosion,” Leia told her son as Luke urged him to sit down.

“And the droid?”

“BB-8 survived, too,” Rey said.

Leia looked at the datapad Rey handed her and studied it for a minute before she looked around the room. “He should be back soon. There shouldn’t be any major injuries but he did obtain some broken bones and a few bad burns to the skin. Still, he’s quite lucky to be alive.”

“That must’ve been the pain I felt earlier,” Ben said, nervously biting at the tips of his fingers. “The reason I felt a shift in the force.”

Leia hummed gently. “The Force works in weird ways. You probably felt his pain.”

Or maybe my child did, Ben thought but kept to himself.

Poe arrived back at the base on a stretcher. He was awake but in a lot of pain and Ben followed the healers until they came to the medcentre and asked him to wait a few moments until they had evaluated their patient. It turned out to be nothing serious but Ben was still crying as he sat down beside his husband.

“Hey, I’m okay,” Poe smiled as tried his best to hug into Ben despite the restrictions of his bandages. “I’m still alive, see? I’m right here to stay, baby.”

Ben cried into his chest, holding onto whatever he could just to feel him, to know he was real.

“I thought the worst,” he babbled, “I - … I thought I’d never see you again. T-that I’d never get to say goodbye.”

“No, no,” Poe said and kissed the top of his head, “Do you really think I’d do that to you? I’ll never leave you, Ben, I promise. Hey, look at me, baby,” he tapped Ben’s head and he looked up at him through glassy eyes. “I love you.”

Ben’s face went bright red and he couldn’t stop himself for reaching in and kissing the other man’s lips. Poe hummed into the kiss, using the only hand he was able to use to gently touch Ben’s face.

“I love you too,” Ben said softly then looked away, a slight discomfort in his eyes.

Poe noticed it almost immediately. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked.

Ben’s hand touched his stomach and he asked his child to give him strength, though he knew it should’ve been the other way around.

“Poe,” he started, “Its finally happened. I -  … I’m pregnant.”

Poe’s chest dropped with a breath of relief and his face lit up with the most beautiful smile Ben had ever seen. “What? What? You’re not kidding me, right? You’re actually - I can’t believe this! H-How long have you known?”

“About two weeks. And I know it’s not long and it’s still very early but this is happening.”

“It is,” Poe nodded. “It really is … I just can’t believe it. Have you told anyone else?”

Ben bit his lip. “Luke found out … and I suppose my mother knows, just a Jedi thing, but no one else, no. We still get to tell my dad and Kes and our friends.”

“And the whole base!” Poe grabbed his hand. “Thank you, Ben, thank you so much.”

Ben leaned into kiss him again only this time it lasted for so much longer. Poe kept smiling into the touch, genuinely infatuated by his husband. Ben just could be happier, maybe it was the first time in a long time he smiled until it hurt, until he could hold it for much longer. He put a hand on his stomach again and thanked the maker for her, for Shaeha.

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AU where the only nightmares Anakin has are about sand ;)

(also, when you totally do not realize your little ones sneaked in your bed and you get smacked, I know the feeling :D)

I think what gets me about Rogue One is that for the first time, we have a Star Wars movie that feels like we’re witnessing a war.

The body count is high, characters we come to know and love die violently and suddenly, there’s children caught in the crossfire, nameless soldiers get slaughtered left and right, characters suffer from PTSD, the heroes do shady shit like assassinations and sabotage, you feel the Rebels’ fear of the Death Star, and so on.

Like, you never really felt the cost of war in the other 7 movies. Yeah, there were battles but for the most part, you were watching a fun, escapist sci-fi movie. But Rogue One is a wake up call in that while this is still Star Wars, wars have prices to pay. It’s not all fun and games when you have to actually consider all the deaths and destruction that comes from war.

We all know that Hoth was a simmering mess of hormones and stress and I would pay good money for a soap opera about them. Here are some things which Definitely Happened: 

  • There’s a betting pool going on who takes Luke’s virginity. The favourites are Han and Leia, but Wedge Antilles has pretty good odds, and there’s a small contingent of aliens who are convinced it will be Chewie (after all, who could resist that Wookie musk? Headcanon: most alien races consider humans soft and gross. Most alien races find Wookies absurdly attractive. Han Solo isn’t the ladykiller; Chewie is.)
  • Leia and Han scream at each other in every corner of the base. Everyone is desperate for them to fuck. They do not. The sexual tension is so thick that it could be cut into blocks and sold as wall insulation. More than once they are ‘accidentally’ locked in a supply cupboard in the vain hope that claustrophobia will act as the catalyst that enables their frustration to spark into true love – or at least nasty raunchy cupboard sex. It does not. All that happens is that the offender has legally changed their name to escape the Wrath of Organa. 
  • Someone paints a shirtless Han Solo on their X Wing. Leia is furious. Han is delighted: both at the highly flattering portrait (he has an eight-pack, he is shredded) and at Leia’s fury (you’re jealous princess/no I am not/you’re jealous, hey I can pose like that for you if you –). Hoth’s winter had nothing on the chilly silence that followed that suggestion. 
  • Luke and Leia both have very graphic dreams about Han Solo. Han Solo has very graphic dreams about the twins –  individually, together, he’s thirty fucking years old, why is his brain doing this to him.(Later on they will, individually, realise that due to Luke and Leia’s Force-bond they probably created a circle of Han Solo Sex Dreams: Leia had them, so Luke sensed her lust for Han which intensified his own lust for Han, which led to Luke having Han Solo sex dreams, which led to Leia lusting – and so on, and so on. For the sake of their sanity, they never share this revelation which each other.)
  • Luke is SO COLD. All the time. WHY DOES NO ONE APPRECIATE HOW COLD HE IS. He comes from a desert world. Of course he’s cold! What is all this white stuff? It was pretty for the first fve seconds but holy fucking Force it is so cold it burns and what the hell is going on with that? He bundles himself up in so many layers that he waddles rather than walks. Fearsome Last of the Jedi indeed.
  • Luke tapes a knife to a cleaning droid (disc-shaped things that swish around the base, sucking up dirt) and names it Stabby. Why, says Leia. Luke, the boy from Tatooine, shining and happy despite everything says why not. Why not indeed. Stabby is very fond of chasing Han. Han wants desperately to shoot the fucking thing– but then he sees big-eyed Luke and sharp-toothed Leia cooing over it and, well. A little bit of light stabbing is nothing, compared to those two smiling. 

One of my personal favorites… Please never let me forget the gift that was this woman