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STAR WARS >> A Song of Ice and Fire AU

Mad King Sidious still sits the Iron Throne.

It’s been twenty years since Lord Qui-Gon Jinn of Winterfell, Lord Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Eyrie, and Lord Bail Organa of Storm’s End flew their banners against the Mad King, and lost.

It’s been twenty years since Prince Anakin vanished — presumed dead, defeated by his friend-turned-enemy, Lord Kenobi.

It’s been twenty years since Princess Ahsoka fled across the Narrow Sea, to faraway lands, to self-exile, fearing her father’s wrath after pledging her support to the failed rebellion.

No one knows what, precisely, triggered the rebellion. No one knows what occurred between Lord Kenobi and Prince Anakin to make them enemies. No one knows what happened to Lady Padmé of Highgarden. Under the Mad King’s rule, no one dares to ask.

Though protected by his loyal Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, Ser Vader (whose face none have laid eyes on), and staunchly supported by Lord Tarkin of Casterly Rock, Sidious’ legacy is meaningless without heirs.

Lord Bail Organa understands this and bides his time. He readies his men to someday rise again. He can wait. When Lady Mothma of Highgarden steps into her father’s role, he senses a shift in the winds. Mothma no longer supports the ruler in King’s Landing as her father once did, and Bail knows she hopes to avenge her beloved sister, Padmé. Behind the flowered walls of the well-renowned garden, Mothma enlists the help of Ser Draven and begins to raise an army.

To put a final end to murmurs of rebellion, Sidious greenlights a plan guaranteed to keep the Seven Kingdoms under his thumb. Lord Tarkin both funds the project and tasks his maester, Orson Krennic, to oversee it. Facing a dead end, Maester Krennic seeks his former peer, Galen Erso, who left the Citadel years ago to marry Lady Lyra of Riverrun. When Galen refuses, Krennic convinces Tarkin to lay siege to Riverrun. In the ensuing battle, Lady Lyra is killed, Galen is captured, and their missing daughter presumed dead.

Lord Bail’s time to revolt finally comes years later, when a sailor flees Lannisport bearing a grave message. Upon hearing of it, Lady Mothma and Ser Draven send his best knight, Ser Cassian Andor, to locate the message. Taken in by the volatile Saw Gerrera and his Brotherhood Without Banners, the sailor is unreachable — until Ser Cassian tracks down the long-lost Lady Jyn of Riverrun and convinces her to help. The rebellion is then horrified to learn of Sidious’ devastating secret: a seemingly infinite store of weaponised wildfire. Lady Jyn and Ser Cassian lead a mission to infiltrate Casterly Rock and steal the schematics for this weapon in hopes of uncovering a way to combat it.

Hiding in a small boat in Lannisport harbor, Lady Leia of Storm’s End is ready to retrieve the plans. Her attempt to flee Tarkin’s ships forces her north, and a terrible storm carries her even further adrift, until she finds herself far beyond the Neck, further North than she’s ever imagined. With no other choice, Leia heads to the Wall, to Castle Black, where her father has promised her she can find his old friend, Lord Kenobi.

Far away, beyond the Narrow Sea, the Dothraki Sea, and the Red Waste, another force rises. The wind carries whispers: Princess Ahsoka lives and plots to depose her father once and for all. Rumors burn hotter than wildfire: the princess has tamed three dragons, and she’s finally set her sights on Westeros. Whether she’ll ally with Bail’s rebellion remains to be seen.

Luke Snow knows little of the political machinations playing out in the lands far south of his home. All he knows is the hardship of winter on his aunt and uncle’s farm outside Winterfell. He longs to take the black and join his friends on the Wall; the Night’s Watch is said to be the most noble of callings. Yet his aunt and uncle refuse. “Your father was defeated in combat,” they tell him. “Farming is safer.” “Just till the end of the season.” All too soon, his wishes are realized. Though the Night’s Watch meets few of his expectations, he finds a mentor in the Lord Commander Ben Kenobi, who discovers an even greater evil than Mad King Sidious festering far beyond the Wall.

When the cold winds of the North fling rumors of both Leia and Ahsoka at his door, piling like drifting snow, Ben Kenobi must face a harsh truth: the prophecy Prince Anakin believed in is true, and now his sister and his children must rise above the game of thrones and meet their destiny in a song of ice and fire.

A new hope is coming.


She lost family, friends — all she ever knew and loved. Since then, she has borne her loss with stoic fortitude — but, every so often, her memories of that fateful, terrible day rear up and once more begin to hammer at the wall Leia was built to protect herself from her grief.

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"I know you really don't want to talk to me, but this is important." "You're right. I don't," Leia glanced up at Anakin's glowing face. "How important?" "Important enough I'm bothering you and not having Luke relay the message." "I'm listening." "I don't think Ben's ' imaginary friend' is actually imaginary. It feels the way a student-teacher bond did from the outside. And a bit like the various Dark Siders I've known. I don't want Ben to end up like me. Or worse."

“You can walk through walls,” Leia said, a touch less acidically than in years past, “Can’t you find the source of this "imaginary friend”?“

"I…” Anakin paused, frowned, and flickered a moment. “I don’t think we’re supposed to be able to do things like that, I-”

But Leia was barely listening. She’d gotten as far as the thought Ben is in danger and everything else had gone out the window. Including the fact that she didn’t usually talk to her biological father.

“Luke said you were supposed to be some kind of Chosen One!” she snapped, “You’re literally half Force or something, right? Forget "supposed to”!“
Then, almost desperately, "This is my son we’re talking about here. My son.”

Anakin had given everything so save his son. If anything could move him to act on her behalf, perhaps it would be this.

The glowing form flickered again, and shock bloomed across his features. He looked, Leia thought, rather like someone had just struck him over the head with a blunt object.

After a moment, he seemed to gather himself, and nodded solemnly. “I can make no promises, it isn’t something I’ve done before. But for you, Princess, I will try.”

Still caught up in her worries, Leia murmured, half ironically, “There is no try.”

Anakin almost smiled. “In that case I will do everything that is in my power to do.”


Fandom: Star Wars original trilogy + sequel trilogy

Pairing: Han x Lando x Leia

Content: Sex mention

Writeup of a riff @attackfish​ started based on @exomoonextremophile​‘s post.

“What do you mean, I’ve been technically committing adultery?” Han spun toward Lando, arms akimbo.

“Technically I never filed the divorce papers.” Lando spread his arms. “And you never followed up. You seemed happy enough taking the tax exemptions.”

“I was getting tax exemptions?”

Leia shook her head. “Ten years married, and you assumed he ever has his paperwork in order.”

“He had me to do it for him while the marriage was still… active.” Lando raised his eyebrows. “I’m afraid you get the job now, Leia.”

“That’s enough.” Han massaged the bridge of his nose while his husband and fiancée shared a smile. “We have to work this situation out without me going to prison for bigamy.”

“I agree, the last thing you need is another outstanding warrant. So let’s talk about making an honest woman of this lovely young lady.”

“Honest woman?” Leia scoffed. “I’ll have you know, he was my boytoy for years.”

“No one is honest with this scoundrel in their life. I was an upstanding citizen before I met him, and returned to being one after I kicked him to the curb.”

“Hey, you didn’t dump me. I dumped you like a sack of void-grown potatoes!”

Lando dismissed that with a wave of his hand. “Let’s get back on track. Now that I know of your happy plans, I can file the papers and you can walk away a free man.”

“All right! Fine! We can do that.” Han crossed his arms and looked away while Lando leaned back, face neutral. Leia gave them a long, thoughtful look.

“Or,” she reached over and placed a hand on Lando’s arm. “We can file a different set of papers.”

(Six years later)

The communication link beeped, and Lando’s feet paused mid-pace. He spun to face the screen, cape swirling, while Han’s face filled his wall.

“How’s Leia? Did it go well?”

“Swimmingly. Well, literally. This water birth is really something.”

“I told you she’d take to it.” Lando broke out in a smile. “She and the baby both doing okay? How’s Ben taking it?”

“I’m doing very well after eight hours of attending our wife, thank you.” Han’s faux annoyance relaxed into a grin. “Everyone’s fine. Ben is fascinated with his new little sib. I knew you’d be worried so I called right away.”

Lando closed his eyes for a moment. “Thank the stars. What about the baby? Do you have a feed?”

Han pressed a button and the screen split to show live video of a newborn’s cot where a baby slept, tiny mouth smacking from time to time. Lando’s smile froze and his mouth fell open at the sight of the curled hair and brown skin.

“Stay right as you are, I promised Leia I’d get a recording of the look on your face.”

“Uhhh… is this… was it that one time at Corellia with the three of us we never talk about?”

“No, it’s that one time at Coruscant we never talk about. You know, when you had to be rushed to Medbay-”

“We don’t talk about that, remember.” Lando held up a finger. “It never happened.”

“The medical droid couldn’t find any records of a human pulling that particular musc-“

“I said, it never happened.”

“Whatever you say.”

Lando let out a breath. “Well.”

“All I’m saying is we expect you to be here to change a lot of diapers, buddy.”

“Are you sure? I think the baby has your eyes.” Despite the appraising gaze he cast at the baby’s half of the screen, Lando’s eyes shone with pride as he followed the infant’s every sigh and squirm.

“There’s all of us in this kid.” Han’s face took on the same gentle look as he watched the sleeping baby. “You’ll be here in time for the naming ceremony?”

“Count on it.”

“I know I can.”

“Give Leia and Ben my love. And…” Lando gestured at the screen. “To the baby, of course.”

“I will. See you soon, Lando.”

“And you, Han.”

The link cut off, leaving Lando staring into space with a dazed and happy look. Then he shook himself and walked out, calling for the Dantooinian sparkling wine he had ordered and for celebrations to begin.

TDPL 10,000 HITS Celebration! ~ Scene 4.1: Reunion.

It’s a week late, but like I said, this feels right. A little over a year ago, I posted the first snippet of what became The Dark Path Lit by Sun and Stars. Now, I’ve got 3 chapters posted, working on the fourth, and I’ve already reached 10,000 hits. So as a thank you for sticking with me and/or joining me this last year, here’s the edited, updated, and expanded first snippet. Scene 4.1, aka Reunion:

(Oh… and…

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  • Someone: Yeah so Princess Leia--

Darth Vader unmasked by John Byrne. 2013.

John had this to say about the first image:

Since Vader was, as originally stated by Lucas, thrown into a live volcano by Obi-wan, he should be a real mess under there!

Taking Lucas literally at his word, here’s a very quick and small (the original is about 2.5 inches tall) Vader…

John had this to say about the second image:

Remembered just now that I still had a copy on my harddrive of a drawing I did for a friend, a few years back. Himself as Darth Vader. So, a little cut and paste and…

Obviously the line quality on the, er, little head doesn’t quite match up to the much larger original I pasted it into!

Now for something a little different but interesting.

John Byrne’s top 10 most egregious changes to Star Wars by George Lucas.

Thinking about this further, as I prepared lunch for myself, I decided to offer a REAL list of the most egregious changes. Now that Lucas has finally admitted he DIDN’T have it “all planned” from the beginning, we have some serious issues to address.

10b. The Millennium Falcon really IS a “hot ship.” I know I should limit myself to 10, but this has bugged me since the first time I saw EMPIRE. Han was introduced as a braggart and a windbag, and Luke’s line upon first seeing the Falcon was “What a piece of junk!” That was some brilliant filmmaking there, after allowing the audience a “WOW!” moment upon first glimpsing the ship.

10. “Darth” is a title. Seriously? So when Ben said “You can’t win, Darth,” he was not addressing his former student by name, but actually using the title the Emperor had given him? A title for which Kenobi should have no respect whatsoever? And this, of course, unleashes the lamest names of many lame names. Darth Maul? Darth Sidious? Lucas playing to the fan notion that “Darth Vader” actually “means” something?

9. Ben’s maiming and abandonment of Annikin. Lucas was stuck with this one, of course. He’d said in an interview that Kenobi, enraged by Vader having murdered Luke’s father, had thrown his former student into a live volcano. So everyone was expecting that. Lucas couldn’t do something else without revealing he didn’t have everything planned. But did it really have to play like a “serious” version of King Arthur and the Black Knight from MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL? And, let’s face it, abandoning someone to burn to death, after you’ve maimed them, is pretty cold blooded, and a lot different from an act of white hot rage.

8. The Force becomes a full-fledged super-power. Subtle in the first film, (“You don’t need to see his identification.”) we end up with Vader throwing around chunks of metal the size of Volkswagens. If he could do that, why didn’t he just nudge Luke’s X-wing into the trench wall?

7. Leia is Luke’s sister. This was feeble beyond belief – and rendered much of the original film retroactively icky. Clearly Lucas wanted another Big Reveal for his third outing.

6. The Emperor has Jedi powers. The Emperor was a big disappointment to me, from first appearance. There had been a rumor that Patrick Magoohan would be playing the part, and that fit very well with what we had seen of the Empire’s “style”. Easy to imagine him resplendent in a Prussian style uniform. Instead, a fried-egg faced guy in a monk’s robe. And if that’s not bad enough, why are Han and Admiral Motti so scornful of the Force and Vader’s powers if the Emperor has them!

5. R2-D2 can fly. This one was just STOOPID. How hand would this little trick have been, trekking across the deserts of Tatooine? How easy would it have been for him to escape the Jawas? Or to get away from Luke, when he and Threepio catch up to him?

4. Han shot first. This has become the conventional way of expressing this change, but in fact, Han was the ONLY ONE who shot at all. And he was completely justified in doing so. Greedo had his gun pointed at Han’s head, and had announced his intent to kill Han.

3. The opening crawl in the first movie was lying to us. The destruction of the Death Star is supposed to restore peace to the Galaxy. It’s not a character, who could be wrong, who says this. It’s the Omniscient Narrator. In professional writing, that is one of the lowest kinds of cheats.

2. Darth is Luke’s real father. Before the second movie was released, Chris Claremont called me up one day. “I just read the scrip for the second STAR WARS,” he crowed. “What do you want to know?” I pulled out of the air the most ridiculous thing I could think of. “Well, other than Darth being Luke’s father, what is there?” “Well, yeah,” said Chris, “that’s obvious!” Uh oh, I thought. Chris’ sense of humor doesn’t work like that.

1. Ben Kenobi is a manipulative liar. Of all the nonsense Lucas shoveled into his “saga,” this is without doubt the greatest offender. The noble warrior we met in the original film was transformed into someone who started lying to Luke from the first scene he was in. STAR WARS fans have jumped thru about a million hoops justifying this one, but the fact remains it was wrong, wrong, wrong, and went a long way to demonstrating Lucas’ lack of respect for his own characters.

sorry not sorry for this
Empress Rey meet the parents anyone?

“Why is the Galactic Empress throwing up in my fresher?”

Ben stiffened, his back to the wall. Leia had this delightful skill of cornering him when he was least expecting her, then throwing a curveball at full speed. There were a lot of ways he could answer this question, but he chose the worst of them all.

“We’re getting married.”

His mother raised an eyebrow; she wasn’t fond of Rey. He could understand why—his mother was in charge of a political out group who disagreed with the Empire. Rey was the head of that Empire, her policies often cruel and a little backhanded to the trained eye.

Married? And that explains this how?

I mean, we came to tell you that. And, uh, also that you’re sort of…going to be a grandmother.”

He didn’t think she could look any more disappointed. “You knocked—”

“I knocked her up, yeah.” 

“You’ve made some poor choices, kid, but this is one of the worst.”

He sighed, knowing he wouldn’t get anywhere. “I love her, okay? I would have said yes with or without a child in the mix. This is just making things go faster, not changing what we’d do.”

“She’s a beast, Ben. How can she possibly feel the same?”

Rey emerged then from down the hall, pale as a sheet. She was sluggish and he knew she was having chills—she hadn’t been handling this physically well at all. She caught Leia’s glare and curled up to him, not wanting to deal with confrontation in a weakened state. She pulled at his sleeves until he followed her back to where they were staying on the base.

It was later in the day that Leia found them again, this time in one of the lounges in the upper rooms. Ben was tucked onto a sofa, his head in the Empress’ lap. The sight of her tended to send chills down Leia’s spine—there was something uncanny and malicious in her eyes most of the time. But now, here, she looked…warm. Caring. She stood outside the room, able to see a sliver of what was happening.

“We don’t have to do this, you know,” she said softly, running her fingers through Ben’s hair.

“Where will that put you though?”

“I’ll be fine.” Her thumb traced his cheek. “You doing this upsets your mother; family should come first.”

“You’re one to talk.”

“My father was an absurdly cruel man, your mother is not. You two seem to have a good relationship.”

He closes his eyes. “We do. She’s the reason I am what I am.”

“Then don’t feel like you owe me this, especially if it’ll hurt that bond.” She leaned down to kiss his forehead. “I love you, and I want you with me, beside me, but not if I’m going to wreck something special to you, Ben.”

He sat up, then, and brought her to his chest. “We’ll work something out, sweetheart.”

“I think it’s the hormones, but I don’t mind that pet name.”

He did look lovesick when he teased her about it, his eyes soft and happy. And…Leia hated to admit it, but Rey seemed to have the same look on her face, one of affection and hope. 

Maybe…well, she’d never agree with the girl’s politics, but maybe she could warm up to her in a personal way. At least for Ben’s sake, anyway.

“Don’t wanna sleep,” Leia whined, despite the fact that her eyes were slowly drifting shut, “Wanna play.  Not tired.”  

Rex sighed and smiled down at the little girl in his arms as he rocked her; she was almost getting too big to comfortably fit, but he would this for her as long as he could.  “I know you aren’t, princess, but if you promise you’ll just close your eyes, I’ll sing for you.”  He gave Wolffe an envious look, his partner looking incredibly smug as he cradled Luke, the little boy sound asleep against his chest as they sat in the overstuffed chair against the wall.  

Leia huffed as she considered his offer.  “Okay.  If I hafta.”  She pouted mightily at him, and he tapped her nose.  “Not sleepy.”  She blinked slowly again, ruining the grumpy effect she was attempting to portray.  

“I know.  But Ahsoka’s going to be mad at me if you haven’t had your nap by the time she gets home, so we’re going to pretend you are, okay?”  He smiled at her tiny nod.

“Only ‘cause I love you.”  She settled down with her head on his shoulder, her little fist rubbing at her eyes.  “You gotta sing though.”  

Rex chuckled softly, starting to walk the floor with her.  The song wasn’t a lullaby, but it did the trick anyway - the marching song, if he sang it slowly enough, kept his footsteps even.  It was one he and Ahsoka had sung to them from the first night Obi-Wan had placed the twins in their arms and seen them off to the outer reaches of the galaxy, far from anywhere the Empire might look.  The terror and worry of those first days had faded into vague impressions in his memory, but the utter adoration he’d felt for the twins as they slept in his arms while Ahsoka got a little sleep of her own beside him… that had never faded away.  He still felt it now, as Luke and Wolffe napped together, and Leia dozed off on his shoulder.  As the song died away on his lips, he laid down on the couch with his little girl on his chest; it was only a few moments before he closed his eyes as well, the soft rain on the outside of the tank lulling him to sleep.

And Rex and Wolffe’s Father’s Day fic!  AO3 link here.

like odysseus at the prow of his ship

Summary: Mara helps build a nursery and maybe learns a little something about the word home.

i dusted off an million-year-old fic and finished it, God Bless. it’s a companion piece to the OG nursery verse fic, switch on the sky. basically a bunch of snapshots? outtakes? who knows. i love 2 cry abt star wars. also the title and affiliated subtitles are from florence + the machine xoxo

i. the horses are comin’ (jade)

Luke is lifting a plastisteel plank up the Falcon’s ramp when Mara finally makes the decision, with unshakeable resolve, to talk to him without subjecting herself to awkward silences.

“That’s cheating, Skywalker.”

He doesn’t take his eyes off the plank. “I’m practicing.”

“It’s still cheating.”

“You know,” he says, looking incredibly serious, “just because I’m not physically using my arms doesn’t mean I’m not using up energy. Focusing on an object like this takes up even more mental energy than you’d –”

“If you’re going to start sermoning me, I’m leaving,” she interrupts, scowling (only slightly) and crossing her arms. “And you should exercise those arms of yours too, you know.”

“Hey,” says Luke, turning away from his plank and dropping it gently to the floor. “I’ll have you know I have very nice arms.” A pause. “And ‘sermoning’ isn’t a word.”

“Mine are nicer,” she says, and can’t help but grin at his exaggeratedly affronted look. “And it definitely is. Do you spend all your time doing Jedi stuff?”

He doesn’t answer her directly, but pulls himself up onto the docking clamps holding the Falcon in place and motions for her to sit down next to him.

(She doesn’t.)

“You’re still here,” he observes finally, and she feels her fists clench impulsively under her arms.


He doesn’t say anything for a moment, and then smiles.

“I’m glad.”

Mara’s eyebrows shoot up, her shoulders even tenser than they were a moment before. “You’re glad?”

“I’m serious,” he says. “You always make sure my ego’s in check. This way I don’t have to worry about being responsible for my own pig-headedness.”

She hates that it takes her a moment to realize that he’s teasing, the light dancing in his blue eyes far too friendly for her liking.

“Well, it’s a tough job,” she bites out. “Seeing as how your ego’s so big, you know.”

(And that’s the biggest lie she’s ever told, but that’s also not the point.)

(Mara doesn’t quite know what the point is.)

“Ouch,” says Luke, but there’s still a smile playing around his lips. “Why do I get the impression the insults are weakening with time?”

“Skywalker. You really wanna do this.”

Luke shrugs, pats the docking clamps beside him again.

“Not really. I’d rather you not insult me at all, actually.”

She pointedly ignores his clamp-patting.


“That’s why I don’t complain,” he says, and she raises an eyebrow.

“Two minutes ago wasn’t complaining?”

“That was stating of fact.”

“Why are you always so nice to me?”

(And it’s shot out of her mouth before she realizes that it was even forming on her tongue, louder to her ears than a thousand roaring speeder engines and she feels the tenseness in her shoulders migrate down to the small of her back and her forearms and legs and everywhere, sees him slip from polite teasing to something far more serious.)

(She’s almost afraid that she’s blown it, that they can never go back.)

(They can’t, but he’s Luke, so that makes things easier.)

“Come and give me a hand moving the plank,” he says, as if she didn’t say anything, and hops off the ledge. “It really is good practice.”

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