star wars morse code jewellery!

this jewellery uses international morse code to spell out a word or short message of your choice. each round gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dot, each long gold/silver-coloured bead represents a dash, and each coloured bead signifies the space in between each letter.

colours, sizes, and messages are all fully customisable and everything is handmade to order. perfect for long distance relationships!

I can’t believe the antis,like seriously? “Kylo isn’t important” ? He should die? He’s irrelevant? FUCKING SERIOUSLY?

He’s fucking Queen Padme Amidala’s and Anakin Skywalker’s grandson ,fucking Princess Leia Organa and General Han Solo’s only child,freaking Luke “DA JEDI” Skywalker’s only nephew!Like really ? No to mention he’s one of the strongest with the force in this trilogy, he probably the last Jedi,he’s THE MAIN character,you like it or not; I mean it; enough with the BULLSHIT,accept and embrace his character and development because otherwise y'all are watching the wrong movies and this only going to bring you mayor headaches Anne .

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“Never imagined this,” Han had murmured, sitting up in their bed late at night, Ben’s tiny head resting in the crook of his father’s arm. “Having a kid. Even wanting a kid. But now he’s here, and—”
“And you’re a dad.” Leia had leaned closer, unable to resist the chance to tease her husband. “Just think, hotshot. Someday you might even be a granddad.”
Han’s chuckle had warmed her. “Speak for yourself, sweetheart. Me, I ain’t ever getting that old.”
― Claudia Gray, Bloodline

Finally I could finish my drawing I started over a year ago. Just loosely based it over this particular moment from the book. It just broke my heart into million pieces.