To me, she’s Royalty.

Thank you, Carrie, for everything.
You taught us how to be strong when we felt weak, and not to be afraid to admit when we feel vulnerable.  You are so much more than our Princess, but you will always be royalty.


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Thank you so much to the team of artists who worked on this project with me.  I love seeing nothing more than artists and art styles come together in these sorts of collaborations.  I’ve been hurting so much, but this collaboration has really meant the world to me, thank you. 

Something Right - Bodhi Rook

Because I am trash and your last Bodhi was imagine was so cute, is there any chance you could write one were the reader who is a rebel has taking a liking to him and vice versa but she hasn’t been sleeping at all and during the attack to get “Stardust” she collapse and he wakes her up and comforts her and confesses (kisses her?) and they meet up with Cassian and Jye on the beach?? Sorry I know that it’s changing some things but I think it would be cute? Sorry and thank you.

A/N : I feel like I may have let you down with this one. It’s not as fluffy and cute as I know Bodhi can be. I’m sorry my friend! If you want very cutesy Bodhi stuff I will write, but with pieces like this it’s hard to develope a relationship very quickly (hence why Cassian and Jyn didn’t kiss at the end of Rogue One, it would have been too soon and their romantic relationship was underdeveloped) .

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You had been living quite a normal life despite the carnage surrounding you. You had joined the Rebellion as soon as you could, fighting alongside other people who despised the Empire. You moved up the ranks quite easily when Mon Mothma saw your skills and heart.

You were even given special access to help Captain Cassian Andor, K2SO, and ex-criminal Jyn Erso find a defected pilot. This cargo pilot left the Empire and immediately contacted Saw Gurrea saying that Galen Erso had given him a message. The Rebel Alliance found the transmission sent to Saw and ordered you and Andor to get Galen’s daughter, Jyn, and go to Jedha to find this pilot.

The mission briefing was dragged out, filled with every detail imagined; but before long, your crew was on Jedha’s surface.

“Y/N,” Cassian said as he pulled the binoculars away from his face, “stay with Kaytoo and the ship. Me and Jyn will get the pilot.” You groaned at his words, but walked back towards the U-Wing, the lanky droid following close behind. “I do not like this idea.” K2 said and you nodded, “I’m not happy with it either. I came here to fight.”

“Bring the ship around now, Kaytoo!” Cassian’s voice echoed through the commlink. The droid hurriedly accelerated the ship and rounded the hideout. You stood next the hangar door, ready to open it for your crew. K2 lowered the ship quickly and closely to the ground. You slammed your palm against the button and as soon as the door opened, Cassian and Jyn dove into the cargo hold followed by three other people.

Cassian rushed to the co pilot’s seat, shouting at his droid to get all of them out of here. You looked out the window and saw the planet’s surface heading towards you like a cloud of deadly poison. The thought of all the people in that city, in pain and watching their planet get destroyed, broke a part of you that you thought didn’t exist anymore. This mission was a failure, no matter what the original goal was. You turned to Jyn who’s cheeks were flushed by running and her tears. “I thought there was only one pilot?” You said, gesturing to the three men that were now on board.

“I’m the pilot.” You spun on your heels and was faced with a handsome man. His face and Imperial uniform were dirty, and like Jyn, his face was also flushed from the escape. It made him look quite endearing when you looked into his wide, brown eyes. He held out his hand to you, with a small smile on his face, “I’m Bodhi.”

You took his hand, and felt a warmth spread through you at the kind gesture. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” He smiled a little wider, and you found yourself doing the same. Maybe this mission wasn’t a total let down after all.

Bodhi told Cassian that Galen Erso was based on Eadu, this fueled Cassian’s fire to find him. Jyn told everyone about the hologram she saw of her father, stating that he had built a flaw in what the Empire called the Death Star. Despite your slight dislike towards Jyn, the way Bodhi defended Galen convinced you that this was true. There was a defiant passion in his eyes that may have come from being oppressed by the Empire. The way his somewhat cute, you had to admit, pout balanced on his lips made him look so childish. You had gotten to know Bodhi in the brief trip to Eadu, mostly how he had escaped the Empire. You learned that he was a Jedha native, along with Chirrut a blind man that had joined your team, and now wanted to fight against the Empire more than ever.

“I knew that they were hiding something, but the power to kill an entire planet that’s….” He trailed off, brown eyes distant. His leg started to jump a little and you saw his fingers fidgeting. “The families there, I knew them. Grew up with them. Now they’re gone.” To stop him from picking at his nails, you grabbed his right hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked back at you and you could see the fear in his eyes.

“Once we find Galen, the Rebels won’t have a choice but to attack the Empire. We’ll avenge Jedha.” Bodhi nodded, and with a shout from Cassian, the pilot darted up to the cockpit to help navigate. You watched him go and couldn’t help but wonder how one person could make their way into your heart in such a short time.

You could taste the metallic taste of blood in your mouth as you slowly lifted your head. You felt a hot rush of air around you and the feeling of sand beneath you.

“Y/N!!” You looked up and saw Bodhi kneeling before you. He carefully helped you sit up and you saw what was happening. It wasn’t so much the sunset that painted the sky a light orange; it was the mean Death Star that hung in the sky. You could see the horizon being swallowed up by a strong fire and you felt the knot in your stomach disappear. “Jyn and Cassian?”

“They sent out the plans. We’ve done enough.” Bodhi said, his voice somber.

You sat yourself next to the pilot, leaning your shoulder against his and watched the cloud approach the beach. “What happened when I blacked out?” Bodhi looked at you, concern laced in his features. “I was opening a channel for the message to be sent on when a trooper threw a grenade in the ship. We were running out when it went off and you,” He reached up carefully, his fingertips brushing over a sore spot on your head, “hit your cranium.” He gave you a quick smile, which you returned. A simple silence fell over the both of you, as you both looked back to the cloud of light. Your head still felt foggy from your tumble so you rested it against Bodhi’s shoulder. He tensed, but when he looked at you watching the sea, he felt the comfort your touch brought him. He looked back to the shining waters feeling happier than he had been in quite some time. You turned, after feeling his gaze on you, and saw the soft smile that graced Bodhi’s lips. “For the first time,” he said, turning to look at you, “I feel like I finally did something right.” You reached for his hand, giving it a light squeeze. You stared into eachother’s eyes for what felt like an eternity before you realized Bodhi wasn’t going to make the first move. He was too shy and sweet to be that upfront, so you leaned forward instead. Your lips brushed carefully before they melded softly. It was a long kiss, sweet and so wonderfully slow. The perfect ‘we’re going to die but hey, that’s alright’ kiss. When you pulled away, Bodhi leaned forward as if to kiss you again, but his nose bumped yours. You let out a small giggled which caused a blush to form on his cheeks. You felt your face grow hot as well, but it wasn’t from embarrassment. It was the cloud coming towards you and heated your skin. “We did good.” You murmured, and Bodhi nodded. You looked up into his large brown eyes and felt a sense of peace wash over you. As he looked at you he felt pride in his actions and how they lead him to you. In another life maybe you both grew old together, but he would never know. You both stared at eachother until the heat grew too hot to bear.

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For the title meme: "Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes." (Walt Whitman)

For this. Currently not taking more, as I have to finish what I have.

Star Wars

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Star Wars in 99 secs

Star Wars Weekend - Requests!

Requests are closed for the Star Wars Weekend! Thank you everyone who sent one, it means a lot.

SWW will start after midnight as I basically don’t sleep at night, so yeah. Get ready to have some fun and to talk to two of our favorite guys - Cassian Andor and Bodhi Rook!

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SW Weekend will start this Saturday! Come join us! xx

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Ahsoka is the Daughter

I’m working of the assumption that this is one of those ‘I wish you would write a fic where…’ but I have to say I agree. This is kind of a mess.

The Daughter was well aware that she was dying and that her Father didn’t have long left either. The Chosen One refused to stay, which meant that soon there would be no one left to keep her brother in check, no one left to protect the galaxy from him.

She had little left to give to the world, but she had enough strength, enough power, to pass on her mantle to another. 

It took very little effort for her to peer into some of the possible futures where the padawan had never died here, where she went on to do so much good, no matter whether it was with the Jedi or the Rebels.

The padawan had been Fallen when she died, completely and artificially immersed in the Dark side. It would have taken more than a miracle to bring her back to life, more than just a strong power in the Force.

It would take a transformation.

The Daughter had just enough left in her to do just that.

Death was both everything and nothing, or maybe it was her that became both everything and nothing when she died. The limits of time and space were irrelevant; everything that had happened, were happening, and would happen in every corner of the universe were available for her to peruse. Ahsoka was the Force, and the Force was Ahsoka.

And then, suddenly, she wasn’t.

The sense of wonder, of endless possibility never left Ahsoka, even though she never remembered what she experienced during her first death for the rest of her life.

When the fierce burning kindness of the Light side transformed her, it also obliterated any memory of her forced Fall, much to her benefit. The chosen avatar of the Light could not ever have been Dark, so the Daughter made it so.

The Light is compassionate and just, but it can also burn. Stars, after all, provide warmth and life to otherwise barren worlds, but any that venture too close would be vaporized. In order to keep Ahsoka from burning with the strength of the Light that was required, the Daughter also had to make Ahsoka’s transformation slow and steady, synced to her own development.

By the time the Clone War ended, Ahsoka wasn’t mortal enough to sustain the Master-Padawan bond, but Order 66 went down right around that same time. She assumed the bond breakage was the result of Anakin dying.

Vader took it to mean that Ahsoka had died, killed by the clone troopers.

By the time Ahsoka was an adult, the Light had been nearly pushed out of the galaxy by the Empire, so working on the outskirts with the Rebellion seemed only natural.

When she met Vader on Malachor, she initially let her feelings of betrayal cloud her vision. It was only after that she realized that there was still the tiniest flicker of Light inside of him and decided to stay. 

Unfortunately, they were in the middle of a Sith Temple, a place that corroded at any who reached for the Light. In Ahsoka’s case, this was literal.

It took her years to regain her physical body. By then, the galaxy had already moved on, become embroiled in a new conflict, however much it reflected the previous one. The First Order versus the Resistance.

The Daughter’s meeting with General Leia Organa was one that was spoken of for many years to come.