Queen Leia Organa holding Court
Tony Ward, Fall 2015

What If… Alderaan wasn’t destroyed by the Death Star. Leia Organa ascended the throne a few months after the Battle of Endor…

Due Queen Leia Organa actions role within the Alliance, made Alderaan a powerful presence within Galaxy. Despite the young queen giving up her position as Senator after her coronation, Leia Organa continued to be a polit

Headcanons about the twins and their Nabooian heritage

  • they are never quite sure what to make of the Naberries. They are happy to know that they have family left, that Padme’s family survived the Empire, but they simply… do not speak the same language (metaphorically, at least). The Naberries are an old family, rich, rather conservative. They are nice, and they believe in democracy and freedom like the twins do, but in a passive way. They don’t leave the planet, are happy with the priviledges they are living with. By contrast, the twins are active rebels, who have been on the run from the Empire for years, who had all they had (their families, their homes, their futures) taken away from them. Luke and Leia could never look away the way the Naberries can, could never passively stand by as innocents were harmed. This causes major friction between them and the Naberries.

  • (Pooja is the exception to this. An old senate friend of Leia’s, Pooja had served as an inoffical liason to the Alliance, and as such is able to see Luke and Leia’s perspective more clearly. They are always more comfortable with her than with the rest of the family)

  • they make a point to find out as much about Padme as they can. Leia heard quite a bit about her growing up, both her father and her teacher Sabe telling her stories about their old friend every now and then, but Luke only knows what his aunt told him about the rich offworlder that once accompanied his father home

  • neither of them is quite sure what to think of Padme, of the senator fighting for democracy and freedom, who was nontheless married to the mass murderer Vader. Especially Leia has problems combining the hero senator she knows from stories with the wife of the right hand of the Emperor

  • sometimes, they think of Padme as a victim of the dark side, a tragic figure in the galaxies downfall. However, something in them refuses to consider the young, bright woman in the holos as just a victim

  • they know that Padme wasn’t evil like Anakin, simply because Bail held her in high esteem and told Leia about her

  • they visit her grave together, holding hands and laying down tokens of respect from their respective cultures. The pendant shaped like a fish and the small phial filled with water seem out of place next to all the flowers, but the twins want to honor their mother in a way that means something to them

  • Leia visits Sabe’s family, too. Her teacher had been on Alderaan when it exploded, but Sabe’s mother and sister are still there, and they tell each other stories for a bit.

  • together, the twins visit the remaining handmaidens. Unlike with the Naberries, the twins feel immediately at home with this group, who basically adopts them as niece/nephew and tells them many stories of Padme’s time as queen of Naboo

  • the twins are incedibly impressed at their mother retaking her planet at age 14

  • neither Luke nor Leia are ever quite comfortable with the traditionalism of the Nabooian culture in general and the child queens specifically

  • the Naberries dislike Han. They try not to show it, and tell everyone that they aren’t classists, really not, but well, a former smuggler and their granddaughter/niece? That’s just not how it’s done on Naboo, dear.

  • it’s part of the reason why the twins are always happy when they get ot leave again

  • the twins love the planet, though. It has an incredibly beautiful nature, and most towns and cities are quite pretty, too

  • quietly, the twins agree that if they ever were to take on their mothers name, they would take the name Amidala instead of Naberrie

The amount of people in the comments section on Youtube for the new Star Wars teaser going “OMG LEIA CAN USE FORCE?!?!?! WHAT IS THIS BETRAYAL. MAKE NO SENSE” make me want to jump-kick them in the face. Have you assholes SEEN Empire? She SENSES Luke in the Cloud City. Not to mention that the ‘another’ that Yoda and Obi-Wan discuss is Leia. If Luke was killed, or fell to the dark side, she was their last hope. 

It’s not even an EU thing, or something from an obscure novel. IT’S IN THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY. COME ON, GUYS.