leia is not enough

Leia and Chewie’s relationship doesn’t get enough love tbh. Like, they start off very much on the wrong foot - Leia Organa, galactic diplomat, calls him a walking carpet. (Though to be fair, it’s unclear if he ever insults her in any way; maybe he started it, who knows.)

But then. Then. They fly the Falcon together and hug once they lose their pursuers. They’re allies of circumstance and just like Luke, Chewie is all about it. Han is in it for the money, or so he claims, but Chewie is an idealist. Chewie wants to stay with the Rebellion and Leia probably figures this out, from Han’s reactions if nothing else. Chewie is Han’s best friend and he’s loyal to a fault, but no one can tell me that Chewie doesn’t also think that Han is sometimes a bit of an idiot.

Leia insults Han and Chewie laughs at him because Han is an idiot and he had this one coming. Chewie probably does this a lot, because no one seems overly surprised by it. So probably, the whole time while Han is with the Rebellion and having his little spats with the princess, Chewie is in the background quietly cheering her on because finally, finally, here’s someone who had no problems with telling Han what an idiot he is.

And Han storms back onto the Falcon in a mood and he’s cursing and he rants about royal pains in the you-know-where and Chewie just laughs and says that it’s funny how they always seem to be the ones taking her on missions, and the High Command is going to be moving bases again soon so who does Han need him to intimidate this time to make sure they’re stationed on the same base as Leia again?

(“I told you, it’s because of Luke, if I’m gonna be stuck on one of these backwater dirt holes then I want him there suffering with me, he’s the one who got me into this. I don’t know why they keep assigning him to the same bases as her. Maybe she likes him. Maybe you should go bother him.”)

But Chewie keeps taking Leia’s side, and Leia knows it, and they develop a silent sort of understanding where they just exchange looks whenever Han is being stubborn and difficult. And maybe on the anniversary of Alderaan’s destruction, when most of the Rebels are celebrating the victory over the Death Star, it’s Chewie who puts an arm around Leia’s shoulders because his planet may still exist, but he has lost it to the Empire and slavery all the same. And maybe when Han pulls another crazy stunt as a distraction, it’s Chewie who hoists Leia to safety so she can cover him while he runs to help Han.

And while Luke is all aboard the Rebellion, it’s Chewie who really understands the cost like Leia does, he understands the toll it’s going to take, the responsibility she carries, because he’s like a hundred years old and he fought in the Clone Wars and he knows.

And it’s Chewie who stands vigil with Leia when Han has gone out into Hoth’s lethal night to save Luke. It’s Chewie who understands, really understands, how she feels, and what’s at stake.

And then the Empire attacks, and Han runs back into the bombarded base to get Leia and for once Chewie does not make any comments. He and Han work together and yell at each other as they try desperately to get the Falcon off the ground, and they do, and it’s one catastrophe after another but they make it. Just about.

And once again Han is full of reckless plans and Chewie and Leia go along in horrified admiration mostly because they don’t have any choice. They all work together to fix the Falcon. Leia helps - and that’s another thing, Leia is a princess but she knows at least a little about fixing a spaceship, and unlike Han she probably does not yell and blame Chewie when something explodes, and this probably makes Chewie appreciate her even more and maybe he’s even taught her a few things by being very clear about what he was doing while she was watching.

And when Threepio goes missing on Cloud City and Leia is worried, it’s Chewie who goes to find him and fights to get him back and tries to fix him even while he’s locked in a cell. It’s Chewie who carries Leia’s droid on his back in pieces because he’s annoying and Han doesn’t like him but Leia does and Leia has already lost enough.

And when they try to take Han away, it’s mention of Leia that stops Chewie from trying to fight Vader and his troops single-handedly. Han transfers his lift debt onto Leia and Chewie accepts her as part of his honor family and he lets Han go in order to save Leia because that’s what Han wants. And then Han is frozen and Leia and Chewie stand there together holding onto each other because once again, they’re both in the same boat, they both feel the same way. And it’s Leia who talks Chewie out of choking Lando, Leia takes charge and Chewie follows just like he always followed Han.

I have a lot of feelings about Chewie supporting Leia and Leia trusting Chewie and bringing him back to a cause he believes in and Leia and Chewie teaming up on Han.

star wars movies ranked by leia's #lookz
  • revenge of the sith: yes she's a baby but the organa's are serving up enough looks while holding baby leia in her towel/blanket thing that i'd give it a 7/10
  • a new hope: iconic hair, but the white robe looks highly flammable. but the hair and outfit when she was officiating luke and han's gay wedding was a more stylish twist on the robe. 8/10
  • empire strikes back: THE HOTH OUTFIT. the vest, the practical yet sylish jumpsuit. the braid crown. all of it, the best Leia look. I could yell about it forever. cloud city threads and hair were also on point, rockin red and grey as opposed to her signature white, bold and iconic. 100/10
  • return of the jedi: leia dressed as a bounty hunter saved my life and watered my crops fuck. i wanted bounty hunter leia for a full movie. also dug the earth tones on endor, both the bamf rebellion thredz and the total 70's hippie earth goddess realness she served up in the ewok village, also the first time we see her glorious hair all down. however the bikini can suck my dick it was awful and that brings this down to a 6/10.
  • the force awakens: general leia in all her glory. return of the vest/jumpsuit/braid crown combo and damn if she isn't perfect. 10/10

So one of the things that really ruins RotJ for me is the entire part where they have to rescue Han from Jabba. Instead, we could have had a scene that’s kind of like the one from the Winter Soldier, where Steve and Natasha steal the Falcon wings for Sam. Like so:

  • Lando worked for Jabba just long enough to know his security measures before he got out of there. (Lando may have been a scoundrel at one point, but he was never a bad person and seeing all of the suffering that goes on in Jabba’s palace wears on him to the point where he has to leave.)
  • He tells Luke and Leia everything they need to know about Jabba’s security before he warns them that it won’t be easy, and are they sure they don’t want his help?
  • Luke smiles kindly and reassures Lando that they will be fine.
  • The smirk on Leia’s face only makes Lando feel sorry for anyone who gets in their way. But only a little bit.
  • Cut to Han waking up in the med bay, disoriented because of the blindness, but immediately reassured because Chewie, Lando, Luke, and Leia are there for him.
  • No need to see the rescue that Luke and Leia pulled off, after all, it’s Luke and Leia. Was there really any possibility that they wouldn’t succeed? Of course not.


  • Jabba is still strangled to death, but this time it is Oola behind the chain, Oola who took advantage of the chaos to kill Jabba and free the rest of the slaves. They burn his palace to the ground.
  • No one notices the slave revolt that sweeps over Tatooine because the Empire is busy setting a trap for the Rebels and then the Rebels are busy hunting down the remnants of the Empire and building a new government.
  • No one notices, that is, until every slave locked away in the spice mines of Kessel are freed, and by then it is too late to stop them.
  • The Hutts are all dead or in hiding within two years of the start of the slave revolt.

So what is the thing lately with all the Han/Leia relationship stuff where it HAS TO BE either always together and stapled at the hip, or can’t stay with you gotta roam kthxby?  Why is it never the middle road?  Because relationships really can – and do – work like that.  Ask anybody married to military people.  Or mountain climbers, or long-haul truckers, or hell, door-to-door sales people if anybody even does that job anymore.

Han is a roamer, a danger person, a loner, a “cowboy” to take Lucas’s description.  He’s a wild cat who ain’t gonna stick around and lie on Leia’s fireplace rug long term just because he loves her and she feeds him and (presumably) f88ks him.  He loves her like woah and he’ll always always come back, but he’s not gonna always stay.  And Leia is more than smart enough to see this.  Whereas Leia is a stay-put kind, her whole damn life has been a lead-up to this triumph of democracy thing – she’s not gonna throw that over to race around the galaxy in the Falcon all the time, no matter how much she loves Han.  And Han is more than smart enough to see this.

Many and many a relationship has foundered on the shoals of people trying to change each other to fit expectations, not realizing they are trying to change a huge chunk of what they fell in love with in the first place.  Both Han and Leia are, imho, TOO DAMN SMART not to see this.  They will compromise.  And their relationship will work out just fine.  They are for the long haul, those two.


Something stupid, probably. But I’d never just stand by and let anyone hurt her, if that’s what you’re getting at. Not even Darth Vader.

…I mean…I guess there might be a better solution than sacrificing hundreds of lives and most of the Rebel fleet in return for Mom’s safety… But think of it this way; Tarkin wouldn’t have turned on Alderaan if he had managed to get his cold, bony hands on the Yavin base first.