lei fei

Fey Pact Variant: Verenestra

You have woven a pact with Verenestra, the Oak Princess, an archfey of such beauty and grace that to even look upon her is to risk enchantment. 

A member of the Seelie Court, Verenestra can be noble in her aims, but she is vain and jealous. 

As a part of your bargain, she takes some aspect of your beauty and binds it to herself, increasing her own splendor. 

In exchange for your sacrifice, Verenestra gifts you with powers of illusion and deception.

Level One

Through your pact with Verenestra, you channel some of her ability to manipulate others with her words. 

When you gain this boon, a small wart appears on your face, as Verenestra claims a piece of your beauty for herself.  

When speaking to a creature that can understand you, if the creature’s hit point maximum is lower than yours, you gain advantage on all Charisma checks made to influence it for the next hour.

Level Six

Verenestra sometimes extends to you the magic of her otherworldly beauty. 

When you are in peril, you can call upon this magic to assume a beguiling presence, disrupting your enemies’ focus as they attempt to strike you. 

Your irises turn a bright gold when you gain this boon, marking your link to Verenestra.  

As a reaction, you can impose disadvantage on a melee attack made against you by a living creature.

Level Ten

You have unlocked the secrets of the fey ability to vanish in one spot and reappear in another, traversing ley lines and invisible fey pathways. 

When you make this discovery, a spiderweb of thin, white scars appears on your neck and arms, as Verenestra robs still more of your beauty.

As an Action, you can teleport up to 30 feet to a location that you can see. 

This does not provoke Attacks of Opportunity from any nearby creature.

Level Fourteen

Your new but vast knowledge allows you to invoke the compelling beauty of the archfey Verenestra herself, binding it to your own image to enthrall those near to you.

As a consequence of knowing this invocation, you have a fascination with anything that shows a reflection.  

Each humanoid creature of your choice within 120 feet of you must make a Wisdom saving throw. 

If a creature fails, it is charmed by you for 1d8 Hours or until you or any of your companions harms it. 

A creature that succeeds on its save cannot be affected again by this invocation for 24 hours.