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In today’s marginalia, a long-departed reader notes (at the bottom) that we should “behold [things that are] foreign/strange” (”ecce alienigene”) in this 15th century Book of Hours.  Thanks to soon-to-be Dr. Lucy Barnhouse for the translation.  On a side note, the tiny-yet-intricate embellishments to this page (and throughout the entire book) make me happy.

From Lehigh University’s Linderman Library (MS Hirsh 17).

anonymous asked:

Any random tips for an imcoming lehigh freshman? Literally anything. Parties, studying, social life, etc.

Yeah definitely.

Uhhh. Let’s see.

- Be yourself. We know when you’re faking it. Nobody likes that.

- Don’t try to out party us. Seriously.

- Don’t be a try hard. We know that Greek life is really important at Lehigh. We know you guys want to be involved. But really, just be yourself. You’ll find your fit.

- Study. Do your work. There’s a time and a place to get smashed and party hard - it might not be as important your Freshman year but it’s best to form good habits early instead of being like me and changing habits once you’ve shit the bed grade-wise. And if you’re trying to go Greek, odds are that we’ll appreciate the fact that you’re worried about your schooling. See above.

- Use ratemyprofessor. Seriously. Lehigh is a great school and an amazing academic environment, but it’s fucking hard to learn course material if your professor has an accent you can’t understand. And/or presents the material in a poor fashion. You won’t have any say in who you get your first semester, but the early GenEd professors are pretty good. After that, use ratemyprofessor every time you register.

- Along the same lines as that last point, plan out your academic career. Know what courses you’re going to take when. Life might not go exactly according to the plan, but one night of planning and you’ll save yourself (and your adviser) a lot of time and energy. Will also help you when using Ratemyprofessor.

- And for that point ^there^, I mean for both the 4 years and the next semester. Registration is stressful, but you can go in and look up classes before you register. If you plan out your next semester before registration, you can literally wake up, plug in the 4/5/6/however many course registration numbers, and go right back to bed.

- Go to sporting events. Not just Football. Because odds are you’ll be hammered at the Football games. It’s cool to go to games and cheer on the teams.

- Figure out, quickly, how to balance work and play. I touched on this above but I want to reiterate it because the party scene can be really overwhelming to freshmen.

- Sign up for a PreLUsion if you still can. It’s invaluable for the first week.

- Orientation fucking sucks when you’re hungover. It sucks to begin with but being hungover makes it way worse.

Hope this helps you out. Let me know if you want some more tips, I’ll try to think up some more stuff.