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Lehigh University part of massive effort to turn medieval treasures into a virtual gold mine.

Lehigh and 14 other institutions are collaborating in a grant-funded effort to digitize nearly 160,000 pages from 400 volumes. It will take about three years, with the high-resolution, searchable results available free of charge.

“It will be the largest collection of medieval documents in one place,” said Lois Fischer Black, curator of Lehigh’s 25,000-volume special collections library. “It will enable scholars throughout the world to view these documents without having to coming to Bethlehem, or in the case of the other partners, to the greater Philadelphia area.”


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Lehigh University introduces more than 70 all-gender bathrooms
The Advocate goes inside one university’s bold new trans-friendly gender-inclusive bathroom policy.

Lehigh University, a “hidden Ivy” school in Pennsylvania, has recently rolled out a plan to add more than 70 all-gender restrooms to its campus.

There will be an all-gender bathroom in almost every academic building on campus, the school said, including turning most single-stall restrooms into gender-neutral spaces. There are also all-gender bathrooms in the common spaces in some residence halls, as well as a gender-neutral housing option.

“Over the past year we worked to create gender-inclusive housing spaces. We did have co-ed housing options, but those options weren’t specifically marketed to the LGBTQ community. So we created what we call the Pride Community, and this is our inaugural class of students who are living in that community, and it is a truly gender-inclusive community and all the restrooms there are gender-inclusive. The community is one option for transgender students, and they are welcome to explore other options as well. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ model here at Lehigh and not all trans students want the same thing.”

Fullerton also acknowledges the ways that Lehigh’s new policy for gender-inclusive restrooms expands on the legal protections in its nondiscrimination policy, which clearly list gender identity and expression, and its “Principles of Our Equitable Community,” and she stresses that, like other schools, the changes dovetail with other diversity strides like the Pride Center’s ongoing communications with the school’s Greek community, and its trainings, peer education, and collaborations with Multicultural Affairs.

If you’re college-hunting, add this school to your list stat. 


Lehigh has a lost forest, and we wandered through it for one of the 5x10 programs. Lehigh’s lost forest began as a forestry research project, conceived and implemented over 100 years ago by Lehigh’s first biologist Robert Hall. As a part of his vision, thousands of trees belonging to dozens of species were planted on South Mountain to expand Lehigh’s conservation and forestry research. Over time the forest was forgotten, and it remained untouched for more than fifty years until its rediscovery in 2011. The Lost Forest (also called the tree plantation or experimental forest) is over 100 years old and is now enjoying a renaissance as a working lab for student learning and research.  The 5x10 program was presented by Lehigh librarians and Lehigh Ecologist Robert Mason. You can learn more about the trees of Lehigh in Fairchild-Martindale Library, where a special exhibit is on display. @luspecialcollections You can access a map to the forest here.


“Incarcerated Justice”: Angela Davis and Nas — Moderated by Dr. James Peterson

Author, educator and activist Angela Davis and hip-hop artist Nas discuss mass incarceration @ Lehigh University  in celebration of the life of the Rev.

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