In ep 16 Pearl goes through 4 different forms before ending up in her newest outfit and now we’ve seen all of them

  • first she has bangs swept to the side and what looks like a collar and sleeves like in one of the early character promos for the show
  • next she looks the same as in the pilot episode with the slicked up hair and poofy skirt thing
  • then she has the legwarmers and the shawl thingy like in Greg’s flashback in ep 54
  • and last is the little skirt thing that she had up until right before she stabbed herself

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feline characteristic you already have?

Feline characteristics I already have would definitely be my great balancing skills/ability to always land on my feet, and quick reflexes.

wearing: airplay bralette x hiwaist, grey ombre tights, legwarmers


FO Friday: Pessi Legwarmers.

This was my big January project. They were a birthday present for my sister, and so I couldn’t post any WIP pics of them (I know she sometimes reads my blog). They’re knee-length (or over-the-knee, if you fold the ribbing up) cabled legwarmers with a decorative ribbon (that I also hope helps keep the legwarmers up).

The pattern I used is Pessi by Suvi Heikkilä, and it’s available for free on Ravelry and the Ulla webzine (in Finnish only, though it looks like some non-Finnish-speaking Ravelers have made it, too, so check the ‘Projects’ tab for notes and translations). I modified the original pattern by adding two rows of eyelets between the cable repeats on each side of the legwarmer. I also knit the cable chart twice, because I wanted long legwarmers. Oh yeah, the ribbon holes are also a modification.

Btw, I’m trying out this new thing where I photograph my finished knitting projects on top of my paintings. The painting in the pics is unfinished but works well as a background, I think.

Project details:

  • Pattern: Pessi by Suvi Heikkilä (free pattern on Ravelry)
  • Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal 8-fach XLarge (worsted wool/polyamide yarn), about 225 grams
  • Needles: 3.5 mm (US 4)
  • My Ravelry project page