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5 things that make me happy

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I must name 5 things that make me happy, then pass it on to the last 10 people in my notifications.

5.) Listening to the sound of underwater ambiance. Minus any bubble effects It’s like a seriously relaxing background sound for me to listen to!

4.) The cold. I feel more energized, awake in colder weather. It’s also a great excuse to wear the most comfy clothing I have. INCLUDING MY LEGWARMERS LIKE WOW THOSE ARE SO NICE.

3.) Helping others. I like the satisfaction that comes with helping out other people, giving some suggestions, tips or listening to people and being there for them. I makes me happy that other people are happy.

2.) drawing. It’s almost self explanatory but I still want to put it in. Drawing for me is like having the power to create anything I can imagine and put it into the “physical” world. It’s cool to me that I can give characters life and personalities different from my own and I can give them stories to go along with it.

1.) Being able to talk to my close friends, joke with them, think of crazy theories, and world/character build along with them. I love great interactions where talk can go for any amounts of time and there would almost be no stop to how much detail can be placed into ocs or different universes. It’s an amazing experience and I’m super grateful for that.

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