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Who's taller Keith or lance + cute height head canons please??

Okay so I”m pretty sure Lance is taller than Keith… 

(yeah, slightly). Alright cool.. Warning my headcanons are usually very sporadic and centered around a single event. I don’t think I’ve ever done them around like… a prompt? (also have never been in a relationship so uh…) so sorry if this isn’t what you had in mind, anon. Did my best!

  • Lance is very prideful about the fact that he’s taller than Keith. It’s the one thing that Lance is “better at” than Keith. that attitude probably comes from his attempted rivalry at the garrison, constantly being compared/being told everyone should be like keith, etc.
    • so when Keith has to look up/lean up/tiptoe to kiss lance, lance always smiles because yes i’m taller and also ohmygod keith looks adorable doing that
    • sometimes keith notices and loves it because damn lance’s smile —> will probably end up kissing lance’s jawline, smiling as well
  • I saw this one post about Keith’s hips being higher than lances, so longer legs.. which means when he sits down, his legs kinda awkwardly do the thing where they don’t… fit (? Sorry I don’t know what I’m talking about –> I’m short and have short legs lol)
  • Keith likes to walk up behind lance and hug him and rest his head on lance’s shoulder. perfect spot for cuddling, neck kissing
    • Also once they’re comfortable with their relationship, they probably sit like this everywhere… (although when they’re sitting, lance probably has his chin on keith’s shoulder instead?)
  • keith’s hands are the perfect length to rest at lance’s hips
  • slow dancing
  • Lance’s arms just wrap around keith and it’s very comforting. they hug a lot. keith will bury his face in lance’s neck/shoulder, lance has his arms around keith and probably resting his head against keith’s
  • keith might have a habit of sitting on counters and tables and stuff… when that happens, lance probably teases his about his height (despite the fact that they’re pretty close together in height) before pecking him on the lips
  • if Keith is annoyed with lance (kinda often, not seriously though), he does the pointing finger in the chest thing (I don’t know how to describe it). all the other paladins find it pretty amusing.
  • lance leans over keith a lot… ends up with them lying down together somehow, you know? But like on the couch or leaning against the counter or whatever.. lance just likes to lean forward over keith. they end up rested against whatever